Jun 3, 2014

Essential: only Liberals like Abbott, with Turnbull the fan favourite

Liberal voters prefer Tony Abbott, but everyone else would prefer that Malcolm Turnbull resume the leadership of the Liberal Party, today's Essential Report shows.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

As the spat between Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and reactionary blogger Andrew Bolt threatens to set Liberal leadership hares running, Turnbull enjoys a big advantage over Prime Minister Tony Abbott among voters, this week’s Essential Report shows.


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9 thoughts on “Essential: only Liberals like Abbott, with Turnbull the fan favourite

  1. Sir sustainable future

    I have an image (in the style of a Pope cartoon possibly?) of hockey standing on the deck of a burning and sinking ship with a manacle chained to large abbott as an anchor being dropped overboard by bishop, hunt, pyne, morriscum, etc who are also chained to him, while turnbull stands in the lifeboat lowering himself over the other side of the ship. shark fins in the water are labelled ‘voters’, ‘pensioners’, ‘students’, ‘scientists’, ‘small business’, ‘cross benchers’, etc.

  2. Sam

    Wow! 19% support for “Someone else”? I think we should all take this to means support for Peter Dutton.

  3. MarilynJS

    Turnbull is awful, why do people keep saying they want him. He used a spy to try and bring down a government with lies and claiming crimes were committed.

  4. MJPC

    Memo to Winky Abbott…try and cut short your overseas visit as two weeks is a long time to be away when the knives are being sharpened.

  5. klewso

    Again – after laughing off Labor concerns about the way they’re treated by our majority viewspaper owner in his political pamphlets – I was surprised at “Preshus” Turnbull’s reaction to a scrape with a Murdoch hack?
    “The Left” (“Anyone who doesn’t agree with, or gets in Murdoch’s way – from Palmer to Labor to The Greens) gets a good kicking 363.25 days a year from the same bullies?
    It’s different when it’s him in their cross-pubes?

  6. CML

    43% of Lib/Nat voters want rAbbott to remain as PM?!
    Some people are just plain thick!!

  7. Mangrove

    re editorial long shadow suggest that is someone more senior, say so yourselves elsewhere, everyone knows the song sheet yawn

  8. beachcomber

    Liberal voters would support the turd of the drovers dog if it whistled. Which it does.

  9. AR

    Yet the truth is that Bullturn should be the Leader of the Labor party – neatest fit and he wouldn’t have to tolerate the stench of hypocrisy of his foetid frenemy.
    A good larff listening to Rat Hately yesterday reading out the polls and repetitively repeating, repeatedly, how unbelievable the results were.

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