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Jun 3, 2014

Crikey says: Andrew Bolt’s long shadow

How Andrew Bolt sets Abbott’s agenda. Turnbull has the numbers -- just not in his own party. School chaplains don’t have to be Christian (but most of them are). Stephen Mayne on Westfield. The ABC’s Right wing. And Stilgherrian on the latest Apple launch.

Andrew Bolt gets demonised from the Left and the centre, and from some embarrassed sections of the Right, for his tendentious newspaper columns and his table-thumping Sunday morning TV show.

That’s the Bolt everyone sees. The look-at-me journalist who selects his topics for their entertainment value and pretends to be upset when he causes so much distress.

But what about the Bolt beyond journalism? The man who has positioned himself as the underpinning conscience of the Abbott government. The man whose policies on climate change, refugees, economic rationalism, the ABC, racial discrimination, the arts and many more subjects are so closely synchronised with the government’s policies, and laws, they could have been made around the cabinet table.

That’s the Andrew Bolt who casts the shadow. The Andrew Bolt beyond journalism. The compatriot. He who is obeyed.

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8 thoughts on “Crikey says: Andrew Bolt’s long shadow

  1. zut alors

    He obviously feels an entitlement to being obeyed – but he has no control over Turnbull.

  2. Robert Barwick

    Don’t you mean he who works for he who is obeyed? Bolt is only a megaphone for Murdoch, the neo-con kingmaker to the world.

  3. David Hand

    All the noise in the last 2 days about leadership in the Liberal party has come only and entirely from Bolt.

    Not Turnbull.
    Not Abbott.
    Not the Liberals.

    Why? I can only speculate that even Bolt is alarmed about the heavy going Abbott is experiencing over his budget and is pre-empting any move to make a challenge from Turnbull more difficult.

  4. Bill Hilliger

    zut Just as the bolt in turn must obey the murdorc doctrine and desire on the direction of Australian politics.

  5. paddy

    The trick is, Bolt only got “obeyed” when the coalition was in opposition.
    Now the govt is in power, they’ve got to let the Bolt know who actually holds the levers. (Hint: For the vast majority of the punters, it’s not Gina.)
    Imagine JWH being afraid of the Bolta. He’d have laughed him out of the room and seen him off like the mangy cur he is.

  6. AR

    I’m wondering how Blot felt when Abbott denied him thrice before the Speaker crowed/screeched in QT on Monday.
    When asked whom he supported in the spat, his colleague or his frenemy, the AbBotopted for Bullturd. Dangerous or just dumb-as-Abbott-does?
    Blot will not go softly into his dark night if irrelevance.

  7. klewso

    “Shadow”? A “Blot on the Political Landscape”?
    And what’s the penalty for misleading parliament?

  8. AR

    I think of him as a Blot on the Intellectual Escutcheon.