Jun 2, 2014

Truth and lies: what young people think about politicians

Is it acceptable that politicians lie? Is there a difference between a lie and a broken promise? Keen to find out what young people think, secondary school teacher Chris Fotinopoulos talked to his students.

There is a line from Victorian schools’ prescribed English text The Kite Runner that seems like an appropriate quote to kick off a discussion with my students on political honesty: “When you tell a lie you steal someone’s right to the truth.”


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21 thoughts on “Truth and lies: what young people think about politicians

  1. klewso

    Do you go to a cake shop to buy a pup?
    “Abbott’s Bakery” was selling them?

  2. paddy

    Refreshing to read some political feedback that’s *not* from the usual sources.

  3. Rais

    “I explained that a pledge is different to a promise…” My Concise Oxford says “(pol.) leader’s public promise (not) to adopt some course.” Which dictionary were you using? The Concise Abbott?

  4. Mark Kennedy

    “I suggested that sniggering, laughing, eye-rolling, smirking and yes, winking behind one’s back is a form of bullying.” Perhaps explain to them passive-aggressive behaviour.

  5. anna lindstad

    Good one Chris! Again like the way you engage with students and include their commentary- and they’re probably chuffed about it too!

  6. Lord Muck

    As Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott told us (on 7:30 Report) he should not be taken at his word. End of story. This should be unacceptable to young and old alike.

  7. AR

    How disgraceful that you are allowed, on taxpayer money, to corrupt these young minds by suggesting that this government isn’t the bestest thing to happen since the Dawn of Time.
    No wonder Chrissy & Co want to do away with this absurd notion of supporting government schools and concentrate on the private sector where the(ir) future, if any lies (sic!).
    Next you’ll be telling these children that they can expect to have a house of their own when/if they grow up.
    Be afraid of the young – be very afraid coz they are going to be very, very angry.

  8. MJPC

    Chris, interesting article and thanks for the Nietzsche quote; useful reference.
    Very interesting comments however I would have liked to hear their thoughts on this governments farcical gameplan to address climate change, particularly as it is their generation, and after, who will feel the full effect of a changed biosphere in their lifetime.

  9. The Pav

    What I found most heartening was not the understanding of the students but that a teacher was willing and able to have th discussion….Education as it should be

  10. Dylan Lowe

    Good job boys, good deserve
    I’m loving Deyshan!

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