Jun 2, 2014

The Prime Minister goes on manoeuvres for D-Day

Shenanigans in the Prime Minister's Office over D-Day illustrate an intriguingly reductive mindset.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

At 5.14 yesterday afternoon, subscribers to the Prime Minister’s media distribution list received a media release marked “A message from the Prime Minister — 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings”. The email included a video of the PM delivering the statement, explaining that he’d be joining in the commemoration of the D-Day landings with seven Australian participants.

All well and good, except the reference to D-Day was almost perfunctory — barely 60 words — before the PM changed gear, with all the subtlety of a semi-trailer struggling up a steep gradient:

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31 thoughts on “The Prime Minister goes on manoeuvres for D-Day

  1. Jimmy

    And so starts another wonderful week of govt with the grown ups in charge! Thank God they told us there would be no surprises and no excuses!

    I suppose the A l an Jo nes’ and Andrew B lots will be out calling this yet another storm in a tea cup (if Bl ot can drag himself away from his feud with Turnbull) which is hillarious given it doesn’t take much imagination to conjure up the foaming mouht outrage this “attack on our diggers” would have caused if it had come from the mouth of Ms Gill ard (not to mention the $15k in camera equipment spent so TOny can make his weekly announcements).

  2. wayne robinson

    Well, according to Nicholas Wade’s recent book ‘A Troublesome Inheritance’, free enterprise is genetically determined, under strong selection pressure and has rapidly evolved in West Europeans since the 14th century.

    Apparently the Russians and Chinese don’t have it…

    D-Day wasn’t exactly a runaway success. It took the Allies about a month to break out of Normandy. Perhaps the breakout might possibly have been due to in some small way to the start of Operation Bagration by the Soviets on June 22, 1945, which destroyed Army Group Middle (around 500,000 killed, wounded and captured).

  3. Luke Hellboy

    That’s right Tony, the Gallipoli campaign was about opening markets in the Ottoman empire. On a genuine note, isn’t that one of the real reasons that we went to Iraq and Afghanistan?

  4. Yclept

    C’mon Tony, stop threatening a double dissolution, just do it!

  5. klewso

    Of course there’ll be cameras and the rest of the media there to capture the moment for posterity and PR?

  6. Raaraa

    Here’s a screenshot of the original press release, found on the imgur:


  7. wayne robinson


    Operation Bagration started on June 22, 1944! Though the Soviet high command had plans in 1944 to continue the invasion of Western Europe with their 450 battle hardened army divisions, but perhaps Stalin was dissuaded by spies in the Manhattan project who kept him informed of the success of the development of the Bomb.

  8. paddy

    It seems that barely a day goes by, let alone a week, without Tony Abbott pulling off another “media coup”.

    I suspect it really *is* beginning to dawn on the forces that elected him, that the man’s just not up to the job.

  9. Jimmy

    Paddy – “I suspect it really *is* beginning to dawn on the forces that elected him, that the man’s just not up to the job.” I suspect that is 1 of the reasons for Mr Blot’s attack on Turnbull today – trying to rally the forces behind his man.

  10. The Pedanticist

    June 22 being the anniversary of Barbarossa… Without the Soviets destroying 70% of the German armed forces D-Day could never have happened.

    That aside, it’s hugely offensive that the PM disgracefully turns what should be a solemn commemorative occasion into a party political broadcast.

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