Jun 2, 2014

How to get yourself on the News Corp enemies list — fast

Did former Murdoch lieutenant Ken Cowley unload on News Corp in an interview with its bitter rival? He's backtracked, but it might be too late ...

Rupert Murdoch’s loyal lieutenants usually stay that way — sycophantically loyal — until they die. But not Ken Cowley, who ran Murdoch’s Australian operations for 27 years and sat on the News Corp board for 32 years. On Saturday, in an extraordinary interview with the Financial Review, the 80-year-old Cowley unloaded mercilessly. At least, that’s according to the Financial Review.


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8 thoughts on “How to get yourself on the News Corp enemies list — fast

  1. Yclept

    Oops, Emperor Murdoch has no clothes!

  2. klewso

    A seen-ya’s moment?

  3. CML

    Re his comments on News Corp, Cowley was correct the first time around. He should have left it there!

  4. Kevin Herbert

    Ken Cowley made a fundamental error in speaking his mind to a hack, showing just how far he was from the newsdesk mentality even in his halcyon days at Murdoch’s side.

  5. AR

    Speaking Truth to Power is not a recipe for sweet dreams. Especially when that Power is as vicious and unprincipled as Mudorc’ minions.

  6. Luke Hellboy

    Reassuring to see some things never change. The Oz using character assassination dressed up as opinion instead of refuting ideas Rupert doesn’t like with inconvenient things like facts, context or even other ideas.

  7. Liamj

    Let that be a lesson to all the other syncophants at News Corpse – the Sun King owns you right thru to the grave.

  8. klewso

    “Daze of the Jackals”?

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