May 30, 2014

NBN CEO avoids hard questions on California deaths

The government's hand-picked NBN CEO has used US court proceedings against him to refuse to answer serious questions about events that led to the deaths of nine people.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The role of the NBN CEO Bill Morrow in events leading to explosions in the US that killed nine people will remain a mystery to the Australian parliament after the government yesterday used US court proceedings as justification for Morrow not answering Senate estimates questions about it.

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11 thoughts on “NBN CEO avoids hard questions on California deaths

  1. klewso

    He’s lucky he had nothing to do with pink batts?

  2. leon knight

    Double standards at work again for this incompetent and deceitful mob.
    This issue goes to the heart of how many CEO’s operate in this brave new world of slashed red and green tape…but gradually some of the huge fines are starting to happen in the States, and they need to happen here too.

  3. paddy

    Even though he managed (with govt help) to dodge the questions on his role in the PG&E disaster, Bill Morrow still managed to come across as a pretty uninspiring figure yesterday. (Shades of Sol Trujillo)

    I actually felt sorry for Conroy, as the current barbarians continued to trash his beloved NBN.
    Spouting arrant nonsense about the speeds we poor punters can look forward to under Malcolm’s mess.

  4. Mark Duffett

    Double standards indeed. 9 deaths (not to mention 66 injured) from gas explosions is 9 more than were killed by the Fukushima nuclear reactors, but the level of media coverage is orders of magnitude in the opposite direction.

  5. Luke Hellboy

    Yet another battleground in govt’s ‘war on transparency’

  6. Zeke

    Mark Duffett @ 4

    I notice that no one can move back to Fukushima because of the radioactive material spread everywhere. Isn’t nuclear energy wonderful? So clean and safe and cheap!

  7. CML

    9 people dead you say? Well there is nothing else for it – we will have to hold TWO Royal Commissions on that lot!
    Pardon my cynicism, but this government is unbelievable.

  8. JohnB

    Zeke, the indisputable fact is precisely as Mark Duffett stated.

    For you to suggest that a bureaucratic and arbitrary limitations placed on former residents town-planning-like somehow changes the facts relating to the zero death toll is just plain silly.

    What part of the difference between 9 deaths and no deaths at all do you not understand?

  9. sean abel

    The real question to be asked is about coverage (or lack of) the NBN in most of the media. No question that there is a distinct bias, but why is?

  10. AR

    Duffer demonstrates, yet again, what a true obsessive he is for his beloved nukes – able to insert wottaboutery into any & all subjects.

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