The boats have stopped

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Coalition's asylum seeker unequivocally successful Tamas Calderwood writes: Re. "Asylum seeker lifeboats fail safety standards, says regulator" (yesterday). Once again, Bernard Keane delves into the minutia of our border policies -- noting that lifeboats used to send migrants back to Indonesia don’t contain "buckets, knives and fishing lines" and suggests this makes them less safe (or "non-compliant with SOLAS"). But less safe than what? No one has died trying to come to Australia since the government stopped the boats last year. From 2009-2013 under Labor and The Greens, when 51,637 people turned up, at least 1200 died trying. Being transferred from a leaky wooden fishing boat onto an unsinkable lifeboat is a serious safety upgrade. The fact that this policy has stopped the boats and stopped the deaths at sea is a further safety bonus, to say nothing of the impact on our border integrity. Worrying about the removal of "buckets, knives and fishing lines" is pretty weak criticism of an unequivocally successful policy. Ken Lambert writes: Bernard Keane has worked hard on confecting a scandal over this one. Knives and fishing lines -- great for threatening your sovereign borders and self-harm. Seems like Keane should be questioning the people smugglers about the safety of their boats -- now there is a scandal. Leaky, rotten and very sinkable when put into water. Perhaps Keane could lodge a complaint with Indonesian officials about the safety of the boats bought and sent to sea from their teeming shores. It seems like they have stopped coming -- safety problem solved -- and it seems like none of the smugglers in our orange boats have suffered anything worse than burned hands from grasping those hot exhaust pipes. What a horrible result: dodgy boats have stopped coming, nobody has drowned since Scott Morrison became Immigration  Minister, detention centres closing for lack of inmates, and smugglers going out of business. And the Indonesian officials are earning honest modest livings while the Australian government saves hundreds of millions of dollars. What a shocking, scandalous policy achievement of the Abbott government. Too clever by half Megan Stoyles  writes: Re. "Age of empires" (Tuesday). Does Guy Rundle assume that Crikey readers know that the "Grauniad" is called that in the UK by the satirical magazine Private Eye on account of its typos, or is he being an arcane smarty pants? A more relevant critique would be of Fairfax media, which, with the offshoring and outsourcing of their subediting, now regularly publish typographical howlers that leave The Guardian for dead.

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17 thoughts on “The boats have stopped

  1. Chrispy

    I’m strangely reminded by Ken Lambert’s statement “Keane should be questioning the people smugglers about the safety of their boats — now there is a scandal” of the so-called pink batts enquiry. Why is a former government getting the blame for that when it was unscrupulous employers who were clearly at fault?

  2. Gratton Wilson

    Those who insist that the boats have stopped don’t seem to be able to cope with what these Australian owned lifeboats are doing – disregarding their safety or lack of it, why do they keep turning up in Indonesia if the boats have stopped?

  3. Jaybuoy

    is there a correlation between the denial of scientific consensus on rising ocean levels and maritime safety regulations…

  4. Yclept

    So the Abbott government tells us the boats have stopped. We’d believe them, of course, they would never lie to us, would they?

  5. Draco Houston

    3 people died in the reef incident conroy brought up, up yours, tamas.

  6. CML

    Earth to Tamas and Ken! It seems you have conveniently forgotten that the turning point of so-called boat arrivals occurred following the announcement by Kevin Rudd, some months before the federal election, that ALL boat arrivals would be transferred to PNG and no one would be settled in Oz.
    While I can understand the Labor party not wanting to take credit for such a diabolical policy, the fact remains that ‘stopping the boats’ had very little to do with the current federal government. Sure we have had lots of menace, secrecy and dramatic language from that poor excuse for a human being, Morrison, but none of it was necessary, really. He just likes big-noting himself, and trying to give the impression that it was all his own work!
    Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!

  7. Tamas Calderwood

    Well said Ken.

    Gratton – the boats have stopped coming to Australia.

    Jaybuoy – yes, the correlation is based on reality.

    Yclept – so the boats are still arriving? Why isn’t the press reporting this?

    Draco – nice… and the other 1200 who died? What about them?

    CML – yeah, right…

  8. Jaybuoy

    explain Reza Berati in Tamaspeak for us..

  9. CML

    “yeah, right” doesn’t quite cut it Tamas.
    Don’t you have a credible argument to offer???

  10. Tamas Calderwood

    Jaybuoy – howard stopped the boats. Rudd and gillard started them. Rudd 2 sent reza to manus.

    If the boats hadn’t started again, there would be no manus.

    No boats, no de aths, no detention centres.

    Make sense?

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