May 27, 2014

Scoops, live blogs and poachings: Guardian Australia’s influence one year on

The Guardian's Aussie offshoot has made a serious dent in the local media landscape during its first year.

Myriam Robin ā€” Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

Last year, Australia became the latest country targeted by The Guardian in a bid to become a global media powerhouse before the Scott Trust runs out. After bedding down the American operation and shoring up the balance sheet back home, the mother ship sent out one of its brightest, Kath Viner, to spear-head a new Australian operation.

Since then, Guardian Australia’s impact has been undeniable. On asylum seekers, federal politics and through its Snowden revelations, its scoops and investigations have set the national agenda. And in media-land, its hiring savvy has become legendary. It launched with Lenore Taylor and Katharine Murphy, previously some of Fairfax’s best political writers, and soon added the iconoclastic and celebrated former Fairfax journalist David Marr. Recently, Guardian Australia hired Walkley-winning cartoonist Andrew Marlton, a.k.a. First Dog on the Moon, previously with Crikey.

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5 thoughts on “Scoops, live blogs and poachings: Guardian Australia’s influence one year on

  1. Adrian

    I seem to remember being “helped” to read the Guardian by the Fairfax paywall that launched around about the same time. used to be one of my top 10 websites for browsing and now I rarely go there unless google news sends me there. replaced it more than adequately. So I guess the Guardian’s unexpected success maybe related to a Fairfax own goal.

  2. Limited News

    My definite impression is that the Guardian has created a very intense competition for left-of-centre readers with Fairfax, and Fairfax has responded by letting many of its names off the leash, for example, Jenna Price, who I was told was reluctant to be overtly political a few years ago

  3. beachcomber

    The Age and SMH may be “left of Murdoch”, but that does not make them “left of centre”.

    And whilst Sydney and Melbourne believe the world revolves around them, there are many towns and several states where the only newspapers available are printed by Murdoch.

    There’s a massive market out there for people interested in “the world but not according to Rupert” and the nauseating articles promoting Abbott, Newman, O’Farrell and the other Rupert endorsed puppets.

  4. Michael Packman

    I confess, I’m an avid Guardian reader. I don’t bother much with the ABC online anymore as I find too many right wing points of view taking prominence in what I once thought was the most balanced press. I’m new to Crikey and so far find the reportage credible. I do check stories on Grandpa Rupert’s outlets to see what the sleeping luddites are being fed.

  5. maxcelcat

    You’ll be pleased to hear that while I read the Guardian every day, for many of the reasons mentioned above, I still love Crikey and read you too šŸ˜€

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