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May 27, 2014

Crikey says: Morrison needs to come clean on Manus

What ASIO knows about you. Morrison spins Manus violence report. Why we can’t blame misogyny for Santa Barbara massacre. SA’s Hamilton-Smith defects to Labor government. And a radical way to save the arts.

Robert Cornall’s report into February’s violence at the Manus Island immigration detention centre has finally been handed down. It makes clear that contractors working for the Australian government are responsible for the death of one asylum seeker, the serious injury of others, and the mass trauma of dozens.


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5 thoughts on “Crikey says: Morrison needs to come clean on Manus

  1. klewso

    This is “good publicity” for Scrott. Worth a promotion.


    As usual the pickering post has the true details on the murdered queue jumper why have the facts of his leading the riot being ignored by the abc and crikey prefering to beat it up

  3. Jaybuoy

    Morrison has already said he didn’t think the security was up to scratch at Manus Island when he first visited and yet because they had been all hairy chested point of difference they put a 48hr time limit on removal from the secure centre on Christmas Island to Manus.. that is the root cause of the problem…in the past the minister would have resigned..

  4. Michael Packman

    Mr Morrison is what he appears to be in his press conferences. An arrogant, belligerent snob who holds any question challenging his opinion in contempt. That’s why he now polls up with the top runners as a replacement for Abbott. They just don’t get it, do they….

  5. Zeke

    @Bruce Pike

    So Larry Pickering knows more than everyone else? Is he a mate of Scott Morrison?

    “queue jumper”… yeah, we all know where you’re head is at. I suppose you believe it is all the fault of the Asylum Seeker, eh? Why were all the warnings about violence ignored? It is almost like the government actually wanted something like a riot to happen… Surely not! 😉

    The majority of Australians believe the ABC over any other media in the country.. but not you, eh “Bruce”. You think the ABC is biased. The real question for you Bruce is: why are you reading Crikey?

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