May 26, 2014

The ‘electoral reform’ song and dance in Queensland

The major parties are fired up about electoral reform in Queensland. But guess who benefits? The major parties, of course. Anthony Pink, data analyst and returning officer for the Queensland Greens, explains.

There are very few things that get politicians more riled up than changes to the electoral laws, which is why the almost civil debate on recommendations to reforms to the federal Senate seemed so surreal. Leave it to Queensland, however, to bring us back to the status quo of governments and oppositions squabbling over electoral rules, and once again it will be the voters who will be pushed to the margins of democracy.


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4 thoughts on “The ‘electoral reform’ song and dance in Queensland

  1. klewso

    Welcome to “Greedsland”?

  2. CML

    Crikey, why have you engaged a partisan figure to write on this issue? Surely it would be better commentary coming from a disinterested author rather than a Greens member?

    Anyway, the Greens days are numbered after their proposed antics in the federal sphere. Supporting the current government’s proposal for a PPL and voting against the so-called debt levy, are both fraught with danger for this party. Why? Because they both advantage the wealthy – not a whole lot different from what the Democrats did when they supported the GST.

    And we all know what happened to the Democrats???!!

  3. Michael Packman

    We have a fascist regime in Queensland. It’s agenda is blatantly self serving

  4. JohnB

    I may agree with the sentiment of Michael’s comment, but certainly not the content.

    References to fascism, especially when the object of the attack is obviously not truly fascist, are always failures.

    Queensland’s LNP, under its Premier, is vying with the Federal Liberal Party under Tony Abbott to be the most disliked, irrational and divisive or several decades. They are not fascist.

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