May 26, 2014

Media briefs: News loves News … wordless columns … counting up to 86%

Rupert Murdoch is a visionary, says his employee. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

Ain’t that good News. There are few things more joyful in Australian media than seeing how many twists News Corp can get into reporting on itself. Thus, Prince Rupert announces that his papers would be printed for “decades” more to come, which is covered breathlessly by The Australian, after which media editor Sharri Markson writes a comment about the story about Rupert talking about the paper she’s writing in. It’s difficult to know what is more gobsmacking about Markson’s report. Is it her Google Translate version of English prose — “reports to talk it down are exaggerated”, “he has proved correct” — or her mixed/incorrect metaphors, with the observation that “[Channel] Ten’s flailing ratings do not sign the death-knell for free-to-air television”? Neither. It’s this, which would raise a blush in the cheeks of the editor of the Pyongyang Times:


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8 thoughts on “Media briefs: News loves News … wordless columns … counting up to 86%

  1. klewso

    Ah, “Prince Rupert” – reminds me of Red Skelton.

  2. klewso

    Where would “Rupert the Stupert” be if he hadn’t found Barry Diller?

  3. Pete from Sydney

    “according to recent circulation data” Myriam – readership and circulation are different figures, that’s an industry wide the redership number is much higher than the circulation.

  4. Warwick Glenn

    Saw a brilliant bumper sticker today: “Is it true? Or did you read it in the Courier-Mail?” However, I feel it should be updated: “Is it true? Or did you get your info from the Murky Murdoch media?”

  5. Kevin_T

    If I am walking past the news stand in the supermarket, and I read a ludicrous front page headline on a News Corp title, does that make me count toward the alleged 86% reach of the company in Australia?

  6. CML

    @ Kevin T – Hopefully not, or you will have to give up going to supermarkets!!

  7. Saugoof

    That 86% number is inflated to produce the highest number possible.

    If I have a peek at, say, the Mx web page once from my work, once from my phone, once from my home PC, and once while being bored at an internet terminal at the airport, that counts as four distinct visits. Unless I log in with a Newscorp user account, which few people would, there is absolutely no way for anyone outside of the NSA to find out that these four visits were in fact from the same person.

  8. klewso

    “Is it the truth – or did you catch it from Murdoch?”

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