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May 23, 2014

Operation Secretive Bureaucrats: the cover-up list

All the things the federal government says are "on-water matters" so must stay secret from the public.

Bernard Keane — Politics Editor

Bernard Keane

Politics Editor

Here at Crikey we’ve been finding it difficult to keep track of how many different things are now subject to the “on-water” secrecy test associated with Operation Sovereign Borders, because of the tendency of the bureaucrats associated with OSB to invoke “public interest immunity” about pretty much anything related to how navy and Customs vessels are secretly sending asylum seekers back to Indonesia, including the circumstances in which Australian vessels “inadvertently” invaded Indonesia in December and January.

To help keep track, we’re keeping a running tab of those matters that are deemed by the government and its bureaucrats to fall under OSB’s all-encompassing secrecy provisions:

Spotted something else that belongs on the list? Drop us a line.

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