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Former bankrupt lauds Hockey’s budget. It’s good times at the Gold Coast’s (private) Bond University …

“Bond University held their 25th anniversary gala dinner on Saturday night. I noticed two things. Firstly, Bond himself was in attendance, and the crowd gave him several rousing rounds of applause. Not bad for a multimillion-dollar corporate thief. The second was the opening address by the vice-chancellor, which was downright gleeful in saying that they’ve struggled for so long, but now thanks to the new federal government’s policies, ‘the winds are finally at our back and we have first-mover advantage’. It seems that an American model of higher education can’t come soon enough for some.”

There’s an interesting story from the Gold Coast Bulletin on how Bond, who served four years for fraud, supports the budget’s changes to education. Enough said.

Qantas fallout. This from a mole: “A well-known senator sympathetic to the plight of Qantas told me that he will be engaging legal advice to see if Alan Joyce should be investigated by ASIC.” We have a few guesses as to which senator that might be. There were some questions asked during Qantas’ recent profit nosedive about whether ASIC should look into the company, but so far nothing has come of it.

Thumbs down. You may not be surprised to hear that Queensland Premier and 2013 Crikey Arsehat of the Year Campbell Newman is not a universally loved public figure. His squad of spinners have been trying to boost his standing in the Sunshine State, but it hasn’t gone as well as they’d hoped. This image from a photo-op gone wrong popped up on Twitter and Facebook last night. You know what they say about working with kids …

Patients anxious about GP costs. Sounds like some patients are worried about the budget:

“Just got an auto text from a medical centre telling me they ‘still’ bulk bill and the co-payment is zero. Suggest to me that a lot of people are calling up thinking bulk billing is gone. Not the water-cooler chat the government was looking for I would say.”

No, probably not. For the record, the $7 fee (for GP visits, pathology and radiology) is supposed to start in July 2015. Have our medical readers experienced confusion and concern from patients about the change? Let us know here.

Too many pilsners? A tipster told us that a News Corp journo got drunk on budget night in Canberra and was thrown out of the Kennedy Room, this decade’s budget-night bar of choice, for being abusive. We’ve asked around and we don’t think that’s correct. He seemed like he’d had a few and was asked to move on, but no one saw any behaviour worse than that. If you know any dark secrets from budget night, get in touch. And no — we’re not talking about Oz editor Clive Mathieson, who was spotted in the Kennedy Room on budget night.

That Mirabella jostle. Yesterday we pointed you to a fresh video showing erstwhile Coalition warrior Sophie Mirabella being jostled by protesting students during a uni lecture. We proposed that protesters should not physically intimidate/manhandle MPs of any persuasion, and asked what our readers thought. You were split; quite a few agreed, saying the jostle was “counterproductive” and “fair-minded people should certainly limit their physical outbursts”. “It’s just not the way we want our society to be,” one reader said. But some thought the jostle was fair enough, given how strong community anger is at the budget. “Some would call it karma I guess,” one reader mused. Check out the conversation and add your opinion here.

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