May 20, 2014

Media briefs: ITV and Ten … Sat Paper … Labor paper …

Shane Maloney outs himself ... 'Labor's own Crikey' looks for editor ... Triple J stands by Efstratiou choice ... Video of the day ...

Forget ITV, Ten is looking to sell. “UK network in talks with Ten,” blared the bottom of page 1 story in The Australian Financial Review this morning, claiming that United Kingdom commercial channel ITV was in talks with Ten about a possible stake.Well, according to ITV watchers in London, that’s a case of Ten trying to talk up itself as an attractive candidate to any dumbo out there mad enough to be thinking about investing in Australian free-to-air TV.


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8 thoughts on “Media briefs: ITV and Ten … Sat Paper … Labor paper …

  1. klewso

    Typo …. isn’t that “FUX NEWS”?

  2. Raaraa

    That was probably the first Hack show that got me a bit riled up and I listen to many of the shakeup segments. Most of the Young Liberals on the show don’t generally get that kind of backlash.

  3. AR

    I am always happy for the rabid right to express their views so that the unengaged lumpen might hear occasionally what is in store if they vote for them. Pity there wasn’t more of it prior to September 2013.

  4. Dogs breakfast

    I was listening to that JJJ segment and was absolutely flabbergasted, nay, fricking aghast at the mindless pap that was being smeared over the airwaves.

    For gawd’s sake, she has “studied journalism”. What does that mean? Oh lord, please tell me she isn’t a graduate! Surely someone with so little analytical capacity would not have passed a university degree,

    oops, oh yeah I work at a uni, I probably should shut up about that.

    Anyway, yes, to say that Carla was disappointing is to say that zero degrees Kelvin is somewhat cold.

    Like Carla left me.

  5. Kevin Herbert

    You quote the above Fox News GOP/Democrat story as if they’re 2 opposing political parties…when in fact they’re the same party controlled by the same 5 DC lobby groups who run the USA i.e. the bankers, transport, medical, MSM & AIPAC.

    When is Crikey going to join the real world, and stop farming out US power elite propaganda as if it were news???

  6. Sean Duckworth

    I don’t get why Labor are pushing and focusing so hard on this Herald idea. Apart from the fact that maybe the National Secretary and ALP staff might want to focus on other issues and policies and internal matters, aren’t there already established Labor-affiliated organizations and groups that could do the same thing?

    I read Mark O’Sullivan’s May 1st article in the Guardian about how this could be a good idea, but even his arguments didn’t seem to have enough force (a bit of a problem with Labor itself, alas).

    At the very least, if they’re going to spend time and money on setting this up, could they choose a different name? “Labor Herald” sounds too fusty and old-fashioned for what they’re working on.

  7. klewso

    What about “Labor Light”?
    After the one on top of that evanescent hill – and their present standards?

  8. AR

    klewy – ‘Labor Lite’ might be more appropriate, esp. given that revered Light sputtered out long ago.
    I’d prefer “Hard Labor” personally but am told that I’m dreaming…

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