May 19, 2014

War on kids: budget just latest attack on younger Australians

The federal budget measures targeting young people are just part of a much wider policy attack on younger Australians.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

One of the most common criticisms of last week’s federal budget was the extent to which it targeted young people. Critics correctly noted a range of measures targeted at younger generations:


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72 thoughts on “War on kids: budget just latest attack on younger Australians

  1. paddy

    Nailed it pretty well there Bernard.
    Abbott as the champion of the anti-vaxers is particularly gross.
    Just as well it appears that Clive is too canny an operator to get sucked in to that piece of garbage.
    It appears (at least from my twitter feed) that @CliveFPalmer confirms PUP will vote AGAINST raising the pension age,GP co-payment & 6mnth delay in receiving newstart

  2. kevrenor

    I’m an older whitish male, and this isn’t done in my name!

    I have three kids with HECS/HELP debts, but even if I didn’t my grandchildren deserve a better future.

  3. MJPC

    Thank you BK for encapsulating the issues for youth from this budget.
    There is only one positive; that being Abbott and his crew are stirring up youth to protest, something that has been missing for many years, but needed now more than ever on so many issues.
    No LNP imposter will be able to visit any higher learning centre without the possibility of protest action action against them.
    Todays: Sophie Mirabella who was at a Melbourne Uni (another LNP snout in the trough) received a rousing welcome for her diatribe on the new world order of LNP privilege; Revoultions always come from below.

  4. Laura Curtis

    Thanks for this Keane. I’ll have to show this to my parents – socially liberal to the point of being bleeding hearts, yet they still insist that houses only seem expensive and that if I just considered the fact of wage inflation, I’d see that it’s just as easy for me to get into the market as it was for them in the late 1970s. D’oh!

  5. Venise Alstergren

    “”…Coalition, a government of middle-aged and old white men heavily reliant on middle-aged and old white men for advice…”

    BERNARD, If the old white men had any brains I could learn to live with your description of old, middle-aged, etc. BUT why, oh why did Tony Abbott scrape the bottom of the rusty old boiler and come up with has beens, don’t wanna bees and men whose ears are bookends on a vacuum?

    How is it remotely possible to go forth and pick out the dregs in the electorate; idiots like Eric Abetz, George Brandis, Scott Morrison and Christopher Pyne and put them to running a country? The emperor Nero may have fiddled while Rome burned which puts him several kms ahead of Tony Abbott who has only giggled while watching Hockey-lighting the flame.

  6. The Pav

    I guess that if under 30 year old Australians are to receive a lesser amount than the rest does this mean they they are now exempt from things like conscription?,

    I eman at 18 you can
    enter into contracts etc etc

    so on what basis is there an age discrimination for payments?

  7. JohnB

    “Old white men”.

    Where does that leave the Speaker of the House of Reps, Bronnie?

  8. Gary Carrol

    The real question is, will Abbott be allowed to get away with his pre-election lies. And will the print and electronic media be permitted to pursue Abbott as he should be. Probrably not !

  9. Dogs breakfast

    “we’re engaged in an economic war on our younger citizens.”

    That we are BK.

    And don’t think that there are plenty of middle aged white males out there, like me, who have children, and are disgusted by what looks like the most unfair budget in my lifetime.

    And I would wager there are plenty of childless middle aged people who are outraged by it as well. It isn’t just if you have children or not, it is about one’s sense of fairness.

    The dole changes, the unregulated uni fees AND the increasing of the interest rate on HECS/HELP, are a terrible squaring up against the youth.

    The lack of action on superannuation rorts and negative gearing are ideological signposts on where this government comes from, and is determined to head to.

    Hell in a handbasket.

  10. David Hand

    An economic war on younger people? I’m shedding a tear as I contemplate the awful prospect of our younger citizens going without backpacking holidays in Kathmandu or missing out on Oktoberfest in favour of study.

    How could the Coalition be so, how did you put it Bernard “waging economic war on our younger citizens”?


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