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May 15, 2014

GP co-pay ill-considered

Crikey readers talk the losers in the budget, why the ABC is a thorn in the government's side, and why the GP co-pay will never work.


Medical research claim a furphy

Hans Peter Dietz, professor in obstetrics and gynaecology, writes: Re. “Health: political theatre aside, health cuts a bitter pill to swallow” (yesterday). The claim that monies raised by a $7 Medicare co-payment is going to fund research is utter hypocrisy. In Germany, a co-payment of 10 euro was disestablished with bipartisan support in 2012 because it was shown to cost more to administer than it raised.

A very uncharitable budget

Peter Matters writes: Re. “The vindictive budget: how the fiscal burden is loaded on low-income earners” (yesterday). The old cliche of the trickle-down effect — by big business prospering, some part of the gain would be trickling down to us plebs — has been constantly disproved over the years. Now Messrs Abbott and Hockey, the people who promised to represent all Australians, have tried something new, and I have coined a new word for it: “the trickle-up effect”.

Keith Binns writes: Much has been said about Abbott’s Catholicism. All I can say is that, as  a Christian, it sickens me to see Abbott so blatantly ignoring the clear teaching of the Bible on how the poor should be treated. This is a Budget that hits the poor. That is the exact opposite of what the Bible teaches. Over and over we are told that the poor are to be protected and helped and that God will judge those who don’t do that. The other tragedy is that so many Christians are so badly taught they’ve never been told that.

Why the government hates the ABC

Joe Boswell writes: Re. “ABC’s foreign bureaux in danger after Australia Network budget axing” (yesterday). You quoted ABC managing director Mark Scott saying the government “should reflect on the evidence that finds the ABC is the most trusted and respected broadcaster in the country …”. On the other hand, Scott might reflect on the evidence that the government is already all too aware of this. It is the principal reason the Liberal Party and News Corp passionately hate the ABC and are determined to undermine and ultimately destroy it.


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