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May 15, 2014

Crikey says: wrong way on the GST, Joe

Hey Joe, here's $35 billion in super tax lurks worth saving. Guy Rundle's verdict: a budget worth fighting against. Helen Razer: forget Hockey's dancing and focus on the horror. Plus the big implications for Commonwealth-state relations. Why Russians trade freedom for security. Will more arts companies turn to crowdfunding? And two fewer female newspaper editors.

Joe Hockey is dead right that there should be a conversation about the GST. And he’s dead wrong to hold a gun to the states’ heads before that conversation has even started.


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2 thoughts on “Crikey says: wrong way on the GST, Joe

  1. zut alors

    What joy to see Campbell Newman’s anger after being shafted by his LNP buddies’ federal budget. What goes around comes around, Premier.

  2. The Pav

    Hello people

    Please do not misunderstand what Abbot is about ( and it is Abbott alone just look at the knighhoods)

    This budget is part of a “long con” to creat an enviroment where he can bring in his revolutionary rightism.

    There is nothing accidental about the budget. It is part of his stated road map a bit like Mein Kampf

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