May 13, 2014

The key numbers: the saves, the spends, the new initiatives

The increased revenue, the spending cuts, the new initiatives: here are the key measures from Joe Hockey's first budget as Treasurer ...

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Here are the key measures in the budget …

Increased revenue:

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7 thoughts on “The key numbers: the saves, the spends, the new initiatives

  1. Matt Hardin

    So with youth uneloyment at 12.5% what are these young people supposed to do? This budget is almost criminal in its effects. Any Liberal with a social conscience should quit the party first thing tomorrow morning.

  2. pinkocommierat

    Hi, Bernard, when I heard the Treasurer’s speech I took it to mean an extra 16,500 public servants would go over the next three years, meaning 5,500 per annum until the end of 2016-17. Could you or anybody else out there clarify this? Presumably any losses would include natural attrition, but in the context of a recruitment freeze and downsizing, the churn rage must surely be lower than usual.

  3. klewso

    The co-payment, paper-clipped to “research”?
    …… So, if Labor and the rest of the “Opposition” don’t support it, this Limited News Party government can get some political mileage labelling them “recalcitrant/ant-research/medical sceptics”?
    Nice cosh ….. sorry, touch.

  4. Chris Hartwell

    @klewso – oh, it’s brilliant politicking, and the majority of the electorate will see opposing it as opposing medical research. But as Croakey shows, Prevention is indeed better than The Cure. Costs less too.

  5. zut alors

    What brilliant policy: $$$$ for medical research while stripping $147M from the CSIRO.

  6. isobel deane

    No information in this article on what has happened to Indigenous funding? Who cares, right?

  7. CML

    This from our allocated pension fund this morning:

    “Budget repair levy of 2% for those earning over $180,000 – calculated only on income over this amount”.

    So, tax on the first $180,000 remains the same? How does that equate to $3.1 billion to be raised (and over what time-frame?)
    Sounds like a Claytons tax rise to me!! I hasten to add that I am NOT in this tax bracket!!!!!!

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