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May 13, 2014

Even al-Qaeda thinks schoolgirl kidnappers Boko Haram too violent

The Western media is (belatedly) outraged over the abduction of Nigerian schoolgirls. But an international reaction is exactly what terrorist group Boko Haram wants, writes UN adviser Robert Johnson in Nairobi.

The saga of the brazen April 14 abduction of Nigerian schoolgirls (including both Christians and Muslims, the former claimed as of yesterday to have already been converted to Islam) will hit one full month tomorrow. The kidnapping has filled media space across the rest of the world since that date, with Australia joining in somewhat tardily after a nudge from Crikey.


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2 thoughts on “Even al-Qaeda thinks schoolgirl kidnappers Boko Haram too violent

  1. nmcguinn

    Nuance? What is all this nuance about? Rundle will be apoplectic. Hashtag bad, obscurantism good.

  2. AR

    ..umm.. “security forces are .. raping civilians in a fight to halt an Islamic uprising in northeast Nigeria”, yeh that should do it. As Lennon said of fighting for peace…”

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