Saville's Shout

May 12, 2014

Saville’s Shout: cost of asylum seekers … eat fat … Angel eyes …

Listening to Scott Morrison talk up OSB is a great way to put yourself in a funereal mood. Plus, why carbs are more dangerous than fat.

Margot Saville — <em>Crikey</em> Sydney reporter

Margot Saville

Crikey Sydney reporter

Fear and hypocrisy on display. I attended a funeral of an old friend on Friday afternoon, and just to get myself in the mood, first went to a lunchtime talk by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison. From the fourth row I calculated that I could throw my shoe far enough to hit him, but reason prevailed; no politician is worth gaining a criminal record or even losing one’s Camper heel.

When the Coalition won government last year, it changed the old Department of Immigration into the “Department of Immigration and Border Protection”. It wasn’t an original idea; the UK government did the same in 2008 but had abandoned the idea by 2013 after an avalanche of complaints. What the local merger did was reinforce in the public’s mind — especially those poor Penrith voters who suffer congestion on the M4 — that Australia must be protected from the encroaching hordes on our doorstep.

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5 thoughts on “Saville’s Shout: cost of asylum seekers … eat fat … Angel eyes …

  1. klewso

    Some people reckon the underachieving Morrison is in line for an Abbott promotion?

  2. burnmuthaburn

    in regard to “Fat is in, carbs are out.”………..

    as a vegetarian and aspiring vegan of some 28 years; the palpable truth of the arguments presented seem on the surface, reasonable and worth more investigation.

    what i think requires as much scrutiny is margots assertion that, “Eat meals made from ethically sourced, high-quality meat, enjoy butter and cheese…..”

    there never was and never will be ethical killing, slaughter, murder……… call it what you will.

    the production of meat and dairy is an apalling business.

    i’d rather die of heart disease.

    (btw:- i’ve always been a chubby(ish) vegetarian; i guess i now know why……….)

  3. drsmithy

    there never was and never will be ethical killing, slaughter, murder……… call it what you will.

    How far down the food chain do we have to go before it’s just food ?

    Cute animals like cows are obviously out, but how about reptiles ? Fish ? Insects ?

    It’s clearly not a problem to kill plants, but where do animal by-products like eggs fit in ? How about eating an animal that’s died of natural causes ?

  4. burnmuthaburn

    the advice i take is “use your mind to think things out and your heart to light the way”.

    all animals are enthralling (cute), in their own way; david attenborough has made sure we all got that message in spades.

    i don’t think eggs are a by-product. in regard to chicken egg production, eggs ARE the product……..and a sorry state that industry is in (by and large).

  5. Margot Saville

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I was writing with my tongue in my cheek and have huge respect for anyone’s philosophical views on not eating animals.

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