Fairfax axes specialised Good Food Guides. After publication of the next round of Good Cafe Guides in the The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in June, Fairfax will no longer publish the Good Food Pub Guide, Good Food Under $30 or the Good Cafe Guide. The axing of the guides was announced to staff in an email late last week. Management assured journalists it won't mean the end of the Good Food Guides, only some of their more specialised spinoffs. Last week, Fairfax announced in an email that 15 redundancies would be made in Life Media, the division that publishes Fairfax's lifestyle content including the Good Food guides. -- Myriam Robin

The right to use Packer/Gyngell fight pics. The $200,000 News Corp paid for photos of James Packer and David Gyngell's bout only got it seven days' worth of publication rights, The Australian revealed this morning. But what does that mean for its websites? Numerous articles on News.com.au, as well as the tabloid websites, ran the pictures online. Will News Corp now have to remove these photos from its websites?