May 12, 2014

Ignore what the Coalition says, focus on whom it helps

The Coalition's propensity to say whatever is politically necessary at the time regardless of truth means the best way to assess the budget is to focus on who benefits.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

"Labor has a spending problem, not a revenue problem." -- Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey, March 25, 2013

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22 thoughts on “Ignore what the Coalition says, focus on whom it helps

  1. klewso

    Poor deer Toady?
    I’m not an expert – I don’t know if, as pug, Toady copped one too many in the ring, and is “barking mad” – but I do wonder if he doesn’t imagine himself “King Dick the Lyin’ Hart chasing the Saracen Left out of the Holey Land”?

  2. aswann

    It’s like watching a magic show. The trick is to keep your eye on the cigar..

  3. gypsy

    My two daughters will vote for the first time at the next election. They are taking an interest in the processes around the budget and I am trying to guide them to respect democracy and to have confidence in our elected leaders (silly me). Rather, they are developing, and speaking in, such a cynical and angry fashion that I fear for the reaction of the their generation at the polls. It will be deserved.

  4. Raaraa

    Indeed, it’s less like playing word games and more like waterboarding the English language.

    Thank you.

  5. Honest Johnny

    “unless Labor can perform like Abbott did”. No. That’s precisely what we don’t want Labor to do. Abbott’s behaviour in opposition was so distasteful, so unethical, so populist, so lazy (in terms of policy rigor), it will take years to undo the damage he did to the respectability of the institute of our Parliament. Its all unravelling for him now. So why would Labor ever want to emulate that?

  6. Glen

    Even Paul “Magic Water” Sheehan today wondered if Abbott was barking mad, a topic on which, for once, Sheehan might be able to bring to bear some expertise.

    That’s more like it Bernard.

  7. AR

    HonJ – +1. I too baulked at such a tactic (hardly a strategy but enough, as the torys demonstrated)for the very reasons you listed.
    I’m glad that Abbott’s “they just are,/I>” has not been forgotten.
    As for “
    ..not a lie if you actually believe it..“, whilst morally feculent, it surely should scare us more that anyone could be so stupid, never mind Kredulous.

  8. MJPC

    The smoke and mirrors from Smokin’ is just not from the cigar smoke of his and the Corminator’s. Can someone tell me I’m wrong on this….,
    The levy, tax, levy..on the rich is the biggest smoke cloud of all and will only be paid by PAYE taxpayers above the level who donlt emply means of minimising income tax. If the rich have tax minimisation schemes such as trusts, negative gearing structures, company tax write-off’s then they will miss on paying the levy and continue to pay minimal tax whilst enjoying the maximum tax payer funded largesse of medicare, infrsstructure etc; is this not true?

  9. bushby jane

    Good summary of Abbott’s mob lying their way into power, you are right of course about watching who is benefiting from Lib’s largesse and it isn’t around 95% of us. Seems to me it would be relatively easy to balance the books with only around a half dozen moves, but all that is happening is playing around the edges to not really gain that much, and making a lot of plebs miserable doing so.
    By the way, why should road funding not come out of general revenue, please? (And of course Infrastructure Tony is only catching up on Howard’s lack of, the Labor lot started with NBN)

  10. Horde

    Another fine suite of observations, Bernard.

    Might I suggest, though, the word you are looking for with such well considered and contemplative statements as:

    “Tony Abbott has long been on course to be our first post-modern Prime Minister*, a leader unencumbered by any belief in the value of truth or consistency.”…and…

    “For Abbott, the truth or falsity of a statement is irrelevant: his statements are true because, as he declared a year ago, “they just are”; he is interested in a higher truth of what serves his own interests. And in any event, it’s not a lie if you actually believe it, and Hockey and Abbott actually believed mountains of Labor waste awaited them in once they got into government.”….and….

    “Some, like John Quiggin, argue that a lack of interest in facts is increasingly a characteristic of the Right — that it’s in the Liberals’ DNA, so to speak — ”

    …is, by definition, the B-Word which, according to Princeton’s Prof Harry G Frankfurt, is “a total indifference to what is real” that, by design, is meant to misdirect, deceive, falsify and/or mislead one’s target audience, in this case, the people of Australia, from what is real a.k.a. the truth.

    That the giving of false or misleading information whilst in public office (now a.k.a. BO’F moments) is an offence under Division 137 of Chapter 7 of the Federal Criminal Code appears to be lost on the artisans of the B-Word, suggests the latter (i.e. bullshit) is far more powerful and influential in Australia than the Rule of Law.

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