Tips and rumours

May 9, 2014

Tips and rumours

PM's literary awards swinging Right? ... ABC salary whispers ... the wrong way to launder money ...


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2 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. AR

    Re Bandt & Di Natale being vat bred clones, extruded as required, this is the curse of the Greens discovered a generation ago when they were a governing partner in Germany and a pacifist anti-nuke (Fischer from memory)Grun became Foreign Minister whilst his country was still a helot of the Hegemon.
    Grau-Grun, it comes to all radicals when they acquire a mortgage & hostages to fortune, aka children.

  2. Alex

    With regard to Ian Plimer: He and a “Catholic-aligned publisher” are still odd bedfellows, regardless of their similar attitude towards creationism, as Plimer is an ardent atheist. Interestingly, much of the atheist fraternity do their best to distance themselves from Plimer due to his embarrassingly scant regard for factual accuracy, a habit that extends well beyond arguments pertaining to the existence, or a lack thereof, of deities. He also has a reluctance for correcting the record when errors of fact are brought to his attention.

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