May 8, 2014

Razer’s Class Warfare: Lewinsky’s taste of fame means lessons are not ours

Monica Lewinsky is not "breaking her silence" to "take back her narrative". She is not "just like us". She is not healing, she's just cashing in. And that's fine.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Monica Lewinsky, this month writing in Vanity Fair, is breaking her silence. Well, not really. But she’s breaking her silence according to The Huffington Post, the UK’s Telegraph and any news service whose organisational amnesia voids memory of her tell-all HBO special, her tell-all Barbara Walters interview and her tell-all book collaboration with Andrew Morton, excerpted in and featured on the cover of a tell-all Time.

No silence has been broken. The minute Lewinsky’s transactional immunity deal lifted — to call it a “gag order” would be in poor taste — she began Breaking Her Silence in every medium. Even a weight-loss TV commercial.

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6 thoughts on “Razer’s Class Warfare: Lewinsky’s taste of fame means lessons are not ours

  1. Graeski

    Hmmmmm. How young is “young”? To my mind, 25 isn’t. That’s seven years past when you’re considered old enough to sign up to kill other people in wars, or consume legal drugs, or enter into commercial deals or a host of other activities. Even though I’m a long way past it myself, 25 is an adult in my reckoning.

    By her own admission, Monica Lewinsky entered into her relationship with Clinton of her own free will: as an adult and in full awareness that she was engaging with a married man. Clinton was 53 at the time. There must have been hundreds, perhaps thousands of other 53-year old men around at the time who she could have had a relationship with but she chose Clinton. Why? I think in her own way she was and perhaps still is just as predatory as Clinton.

    There are many women who are genuine victims of male oppression: who suffer domestic abuse and assault and all sorts of crimes. I think portraying Lewinsky as a “victim” in the same sense is very disrespectful to those women and what they are going through. It also disempowers all women: she wasn’t inflicted upon, she chose it. Accept responsibilty.

    I’m not saying Clinton was any better or that what he did was right or acceptable. It wasn’t – but at least he’s not still trying to cash in on it.

  2. Glen

    Nice piece Helen. Pitfalls neatly dodged.

  3. Dez Paul

    Good article. Helen. Great gag about the gag order!

  4. Last Chance Cafe

    “I think in her own way she was and perhaps still is just as predatory as Clinton.”

    Bingo!…BTW, great piece, Helen.

  5. burninglog

    good read Helen

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