May 8, 2014

Are we in danger of choking off a recovering economy?

As we head toward the 2014-15 budget, we've been given a clear view of how the economy is travelling, and the risks of a harsh budget, Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer write.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

A series of economic reports this week have given us a fairly clear, if slightly laggy, understanding of where the economy is at as the government prepares to unveil the 2014-15 budget on Tuesday.


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8 thoughts on “Are we in danger of choking off a recovering economy?

  1. cairns50

    call me what you like i hope hockey does cause a recession a downturn or whatever

    people who voted for abbott and him beleived in his lies, his death riding of our economy all through the rudd and especially the gillard years

    sow what you reap and cop it sweet

    karma is coming to get you

  2. Jaybuoy

    Just trust us… what a joke coming from a party that leveraged its way into government on the back of a complete trashing of any reserves of trust that existed in the community towards our polity.. die by the sword I say..

  3. Bill Hilliger

    …the official line from the government is that it inherited not merely a fiscal but an economic mess from the previous government. World rating agencies gave the previous government a AAA rating score on their economy. Since 2008 only a few other countries were able to match that achievement. Joe Buffoon fiscal and economic management will bring this country into recession before this government term is up. A sweet irony as the BCA and their rent seeker ilk will feel it the most. As for cutting age pensions the government is considering to supplement lower income with food stamps (just like they do in the US). Lower social services and pensions equals less to spend on poker machines and other frivolous old age pursuits like travelling, etc. Less money spent on all kinds of pensions = more money available for those who need it least; in the form of maintaining diesel subsidies for the mining and farm industries; and of course government infrastructure spend to assist private companies. The Australian Sheep that voted for the current Muppets running the country will now reap the diminishing benefits. From watching [even] the conservative media it appears, yes, the sheep are about to be shorn, and the bleating has started.

  4. Yclept

    At least if El Nino hits we all know it will be Rudd/Gillard’s fault – won’t we Joe?

  5. leon knight

    Agree with you completely Jaybuoy, the performance of the entire Abbott opposition did gross damage to public trust in pollies…but the cynicism may work in his favour as people just give up all hope of getting decent treatment from his government.
    Labor should be doing a better job of capitalising on the woeful performance of the LNP, and that should include proper planning and open discussion for the necessary structural repairs to revenues, and sheeting home blame properly to Howard and Costello where it really belongs.

  6. leon knight

    PS What a pathetic performance from Kelly O’Dwyer on the ABC news this morning – what a team of devious numbskulls…somewhat mentioned a conga line of chanting parrots, rather apt I thought..!!

  7. Tyger Tyger

    Jaybuoy and Bill: +1

  8. Liamj

    Reread your ‘Shock Doctrine’ folks, choking the economy is the point, all the better to shrink government, deregulate and privatise.

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