Tips and rumours

May 7, 2014

Tips and rumours

Reform is dead at COAG ... Labor Gazette rolls on ... Christopher Pyne takes charge ... Julie Bishop acts -- kind off -- on schoolgirls ...


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2 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. paddy

    It’s a pretty sad state of affairs, when all we have to look forward to is the “Labor Herald” and no New Matilda.
    I know where *I* think the best value for money would be.

  2. CML

    Paddy – How about you wait until the Labor Herald is up and running before you start with the criticism.
    Ditto to you Ms Tips – you don’t have the right to call a non-existent publication ‘propaganda’ when you cannot possibly have any evidence of that.
    If someone is going to give us the Labor Party commentary on matters of policy, and explain what the LNP are up to, what is wrong with that? They certainly don’t get their views aired in the MSM.
    I will make my judgement after I read a few editions, which is what you all should be doing.

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