May 7, 2014

Ian Plimer takes on the ‘totalitarian’ greens in latest book

Ian Plimer is a highly influential climate sceptic. His new book, via a Ballarat-based Catholic-aligned publisher, takes on the environmental movement. Will Tony Abbott read it?

Cathy Alexander — Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Cathy Alexander

Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

The doyen of Australia’s climate sceptic movement, Ian Plimer, has a new book — and this time he’s broadened his attack to the entire environmental movement.


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52 thoughts on “Ian Plimer takes on the ‘totalitarian’ greens in latest book

  1. wayne robinson

    I take it Ian Plimer’s latest book will be just as unreadable as ‘Heaven and Earth’, which was very tedious to read.

    I suspect that Ian Plimer had a stack of some 2,000 references, which he referred to in order, making the same point over and over again over 5 or 6 pages. And often getting the reference wrong, as when he stated that the Sun is a pulsar star (a rapidly rotating neutron star) – with the reference given as a ’70s paper ‘Is the Sun a pulsar star?’ (Well, is it? I suspect it was a typo’ in 2 places). Or stating something as fact (eg the Sun has a solid iron core) when it’s a controversial idiosyncratic theory of a retired American astrophysicist, which is almost absolutely certainly wrong.

  2. Roger Clifton

    As any mining engineer would know, all of the metals can be reduced from their ores by electrolysis, including iron. Admittedly, you’d probably need nuclear electricity to electrolyse the nation’s entire steel production, but you don’t have to emit CO2 to do it. We can make our teaspoons without coal.

  3. Roger Clifton

    Oops —
    “As any mining geologist would know …”

  4. Honest Johnny

    Many cultures around the world eat without metal cutlery and don’t live in caves. I drink green tea, so I guess that makes me a ‘greenie’, but at least I never have the need to use a teaspoon.

  5. aswann

    He obviously is an extremely stupid person. Stupid people argue that it is ok to destroy the planet for the sake of a teaspoon. Clever people on the other hand figure out how to make the teaspoon _without_ distroying the planet. What a bonehead. Who is this guy?

  6. The Hood


    No he is not stupid, he is paid handsomely to sound stupid by his masters in the energy and mining industries.

  7. Electric Lardyland

    I see, so Plimer’s publisher also specialises in obscure religious tracts. I’m just a bit surprised, that they don’t seem have any books, attacking climate change belief for being an alleged religion.

  8. pseudomys

    “If you’re a green, and you’re criticising the coal industry, then you should not use cutlery, you should go out into the bush and starve.”

    i.e. either you’re with us, or you’re against us (sound like a totalitarian much?)

    Does that mean if you’re not a green (whatever that actually means!), then you’re not allowed to enjoy national parks, or like trees, or argue for more efficient use of resources, or breathe oxygen… ??

  9. Liamj

    Another aging white male elite plays the victim card, do they get them free at their private school reunions or what?

    The fatuous ‘go live in caves’ argument seems to have been developed after too much port, by the same logic Plimer should live in a mine pit, baste himself in DDT and snort asbestos. Instead i’ll bet he’s a leafy suburb NIMBY like most Torys and actual mining is work that poor people do (and no, being an academic geologist doesn’t count).

  10. dazza

    His family name will be tarnished forever

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