May 6, 2014

When Tinkler plays politics, ICAC has some tough questions

Disgraced former billionaire Nathan Tinkler is the latest big name to take the stand at ICAC, facing questions about an industrial development in Newcastle.

Paddy Manning

Crikey business editor

It’s astounding that former billionaire Nathan Tinkler has wound up at the centre of an Independent Commission Against Corruption investigation into donations to the Liberal Party.

The controversy surrounds his attempt to get approval for a massive new coal loader to be built on the former BHP steelworks site at Mayfield in Newcastle. A lot of lobbying was necessary, because the loader idea was never going to stand up on its merits; it went against a decade of planning underway since the Mayfield site was vacated by BHP in 1999.

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6 thoughts on “When Tinkler plays politics, ICAC has some tough questions

  1. paddy

    A downright ripping yard Paddy.

  2. MJPC

    Corporate cowboy; thanks Paddy.
    I hope that the DPP see’s fit to bring a case against him when ICAC is finished. It would be nice if he had adjoining cells to his LNP and ex-Labour mates at Long Bay or Silverwater when retribution comes.
    I think we can safely say he now knows all about ICAC

  3. AR

    If only ALL these appalling people would, eventually, face their just desserts.

  4. fractious

    Excellent summary Paddy, especially the inclusion of all the little ‘side bars’ that give glimpses of the scope of c0rruption and graft that is ‘business as usual’ in NSW Inc.

    Troy Palmer’s reply that would appear to suggest the Libs were regarded as “employees” is gold, if only because it’s someone on the inside finally saying out loud what many have suspected for a long time.

  5. fractious

    AR re: just desserts – it would make an ageing, cynical greenie very happy if I live to see the day some upstart gets consent to start an open-cut mine slap-bang next door to one of that set who’ve bought big in the Hunter Valley through graft and corruption.

  6. @chrispydog

    The nexus between coal/money/political corruption is being paraded in public by #ICAC. Grubby little sideshows like Nayfin’s, amusing as they are, deflect our attention from the big story: the coal industry has us all in its grip, and its virtually unstoppable.

    Is there any wonder why the constant climate change denialism exists? Its wheels are greased by the colossal amounts of money that go into keeping the status quo.

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