Tips and rumours

May 6, 2014

Tips and rumours

We critique James Packer's fighting style ... what's Mirabella doing at Melbourne Uni? ... Pyne's HECS debt unpacked ...

From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours …

Packer’s fighting style. Ms Tips is only an amateur in the boxing ring, but those pics of Packer and Gyngell in a dust-up don’t seem too impressive. Where’s the technique and the finesse, and what’s with the grasshopper pose? So we asked Joe Walker from Sydney’s Joe’s Boxing Club for some expert commentary. This was his critique, after scrutinising those pics (cue News Corp watermark):

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6 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. paddy

    Re: Mirabella
    [There’s a rumour she’s on $35,000 a year to work one day a week, which is not exorbitant.]
    I’m not sure which is more surreal.
    Paying Sophie $35K for one day a week.
    Or thinking it’s not exorbitant.
    Cheers from the salt mines P.

  2. leon knight

    I was a bit bemused by Pyne’s claim on Q&A last night that the average HECS debt is $16K – most students I know rattled up debts in excess of $30K, so I am wondering how many cheap degrees are out there for our erstwhile Education minister to be anywhere near correct….Fact Check anyone?

  3. Pedantic, Balwyn

    Gyngell must now know why Packer paid $580,000 to Tony Abbott for Boxing lessons.

  4. AR

    Paddy – I’d like a sinecure (with no defined duties) which paid approx. $700 per diem.

  5. Liamj

    Re Mirabella – 35k & some deluded baby tory’s is a small price to pay, consider the costs of other mercenary post-political liasons. e.g. Peter Tenix Reith, Andrew Boeing Peacock, Michael APCHL & Waubra foundation Wooldridge, …

  6. klewso

    Unseemly as it was, I an understand their frustration?
    I thought it a bit rich Jones defining what constitutes “acceptable behaviour in a democracy” – when Murdoch’s been using his media dominance to shout down alternate opinion for decades, to sod all attention especially from other parts of the “media brotherhood”?
    When Fraser brought it up, on the show a few years back, Jones seemed more nonplussed at the very idea?

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