May 6, 2014

Media briefs: Rand and Rupert … TV Upfronts … Netflix conquest …

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and media mogul Rupert Murdoch yuk it up at the Kentucky Derby. Plus other media tidbits of the day ...

Paul and Murdoch’s seersucker date. United States presidential hopeful Rand Paul brought an unusual date to the Kentucky Derby this year: one Rupert Murdoch. The New York Times, at least, read the pairing as a Murdoch endorsement for the libertarian Kentucky Senator:

“For Mr. Paul, the would-be candidate, and Mr. Murdoch, arguably the most powerful broker in Republican politics, Saturday’s day at the races was filled with betting, losing, drinking and a long chat over kettle corn. It was part getting-to-know-you and part political audition, and marked a potential turn in the race for president.

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5 thoughts on “Media briefs: Rand and Rupert … TV Upfronts … Netflix conquest …

  1. zut alors

    If this is how Gyngell & Packer treat their ‘bestie’ just image their ruthlessness should they dislike someone.

  2. Kevin Herbert

    The worm is definitely turning….3 months ago Murdoch dissed Rand Paul publicly as not a worthy candidate….now he’s seen publicly endorsing him, most likely on the back of GOP internal polling showing that Rand is a BIG chance to pull off the 2016 US Presidency based on his libertarian views…and that must have the 5 lobby groups who own DC spinning their particular AIPAC, as its hold on successive US administrations over Israel is clearly starting to slip.
    Rand, like his Dad Ron, says Israel should be able to stand on its own feet….watch this space.

  3. CML

    Re Q&A: Tony Jones made the extraordinary statement that the student demo was ‘not democracy’. I thought democracy was all about free speech – that is EVERYONE’S free speech – not just those like the ‘mincing poodle’ minister, who had nothing credible to say anyway.
    I’m a senior citizen, and it gave me great heart to see that the young ones are active again on issues they believe in.
    A pox on Q&A, Tony Jones and the ABC!

  4. Kevin_T

    So, is it public protest that has no place in a democracy, or was it something else that Mr Jones was referring to?

  5. klewso

    Especially when Murdoch has been using his elite resources to dominate msm to much the same purpose, bullying/shouting down of opposite opinion, for decades? To bugger-all similar high dudgeon?

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