May 5, 2014

Who you gonna call? Meet Australia’s biggest media tart

Who's Australia's biggest media tart? From a shallow pool of talent relied on by media to comment on the issues of the day, a few names dominate the airwaves ...

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

When the true players won’t say much on the record and you’re sick of interviewing other journalists, you need people who’ll tell you what you probably already know in a way you can convey to your audience.

It helps if these people have big names, are happy to court controversy, and have a certain turn of phrase. These media tarts, often former players themselves, can offer insight on the way things are done, and the reasons behind the press conferences. Most importantly, they’ll take your call and hurry down to your studio when something breaks. For reasons of their own, they’re happy to have their face on a breaking story as an expert and guide. For some of them, that willingness has translated into lucrative paid gigs. For others, it just helps keep them relevant.

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11 thoughts on “Who you gonna call? Meet Australia’s biggest media tart

  1. paddy

    [Paul Keating: …Like Kennett, he’s a politician known for his charisma and turn of phrase]

    Oh FFS Crikey. Comparing Keating with Kennett?
    Next thing you’ll be telling us that Faberge eggs are like the Easter specials at Woolies.

    What a sad waste of electrons.

  2. zut alors

    Disappointed not to see Peter Reith on the list, he has a good stab at being over-exposed. Mind you, in his case a single appearance would achieve that.

  3. Myriam Robin

    Paddy: Surely you’ll give me the fact that both are highly quotable :p

  4. zut alors

    Yes, Kennett is quotable but hardly as diverting as, or in the realm of, P J Keating as pointed out by Paddy.

    Kennett’s finest bons mots were in a telephone conversation with Andrew Peacock back in 1987. The transcript is available online &, after 27 years, is still highly entertaining.

  5. paddy

    LOL True, but then 5 year old schoolboys with ADHD, often say “quotable” things.
    I think I’ll stick to Faberge rather than Woolies thanks :p

  6. CML

    I’m with Paddy – Surely it is more important what said ‘media tarts’ impart to the nation, than the number of times they pollute our media.
    I will stop whatever I’m doing at the time to listen/watch ANYTHING Paul Keating has to say, because he is always relevant and entertaining.
    As for the rest of them, I’m more likely to turn off the TV/radio, or make a cup of tea, when they appear!

  7. AR

    PJK’s overweening self assessment is tedious and dated. No mention of Mad Mark Latham?

  8. Kevin Herbert

    Right with you Paddy, Z Alors…..Kennett’s not in the same league as PJK…not even close.

  9. Kevin Herbert

    As for Hitman Howes, watch him sink from view as his union endorsement-based ‘fame’ evaporates….what a a monumental lightweight.

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