May 5, 2014

Media briefs: figures fudged … ‘Murdoch blonde’ … Veeps …

Labor luminary Bob Ellis is having quite the stoush with Sarah Le Marquand of The Daily Telegraph. Plus other media tidbits of the day ...

Bob Ellis v Sarrah Le Marquand. It’s OK, Mark Scott, Bob Ellis isn’t coming after you. But Sarrah Le Marquand should watch out, the Labor luminary warned on his blog last Friday. Last week on Q&A, The Daily Telegraph associate editor used Ellis as an example of how she doesn’t go around suing those she finds most objectionable:

“I might nominate Bob Ellis as the most offensive writer in Australia, because just when you think his misogyny has reached an all-time low, he manages to outdo himself. But would I take Bob Ellis to court and claim vilification? I wouldn’t, and the reason I wouldn’t do that is because to do so would actually be to make him a martyr in the eyes of him and his supporters and it would actually confirm his world view, which is that he is the poor repressed white male and I’m the evil woman trying to destroy the world.”

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3 thoughts on “Media briefs: figures fudged … ‘Murdoch blonde’ … Veeps …

  1. zut alors

    It’s time Bob Ellis was on Q&A as a panellist. Instead we have a series of Murdoch employees, the occasional academic, the occasional comedian, the occasional author & an interminable trail of boring politicians. Not to mention endless appearances by Christopher Pyne & Malcolm Turnbull, yawn.

  2. Bill Hilliger

    Zut you forgot to mention Amanda the simplistic rock.

  3. AR

    Ellis is beyond risible these days, not that he was ever credible even for a phantasist but I would like to see him and Mark Latham, the Gog & Magog of the ALP, on together.
    Ticket sales could fund a moon base.

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