May 2, 2014

Media wrap: who said what on the Commission of Audit

The budget emergency we had to have? The Australian and Daily Telegraph certainly think so. But the Herald Sun says any new taxes would be a broken promise. Who said what on the Commission of Audit.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

The federal government has a lot of explaining to do, at least to the nation's media ...

The Australian has welcomed the commission's recommendations, though its writers differed in how much blame for Australia's "long road to ruin" went to Abbott. Dennis Shanahan had some unusual criticism, saying Abbott couldn't entirely blame Labor for the mess.
  • Paul Kelly: "While the Commission of Audit report has a truckload of politically untenable ideas, it reveals the direction in welfare eligibility, health and education that is essential to restore a robust budget surplus over a decade."
  • Dennis Shanahan: "The Commission of Audit has identified all of Abbott's problems but has offered few practical or realistic solutions."
  • Judith Sloan: "The hard part starts now -- to have the political courage to implement the recommendations to put the budget on a stable footing for the future."
  • Editorial: "... As the Commission of Audit has stunningly documented, we are on the long road to ruin."
The Australian Financial Review didn't go hard on opinion -- it mostly laid out the facts. Jennifer Hewitt and Laura Tingle commented on the politics. Readers had to go nine pages in to be told whether the audit was good or bad.
  • Alan Mitchell: "Australia is not in the grip of a full-blown fiscal crisis, as the ... audit numbers clearly show." But we still have to raise taxes on the middle classes, or cut services. The pain must be shared, as "anyone who thinks the answer is to tax only the rich is dreaming".
  • Editorial: "Its mostly sensible approach would make it more likely that this Australian compact can be sustained by requiring more of those who can help themselves to do so and getting rid of much wasteful government  and bureaucracy ..."

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4 thoughts on “Media wrap: who said what on the Commission of Audit

  1. klewso

    Fancy Limited News (Curry or Mall) calling Shonkey (one of their own) a crook?

  2. AR

    The government/Establishment is playing a dangerous game if it sez, “don’t worry Boomers and obscenely rich, it’s onyl the young who’ll cop it!”. Sooner rather than (much) later, those very young’uns are gonna be legislators and senior civil servants and not overly pleased with the crock left behind for them.

  3. CML

    The only one that got it right was MacroBusiness! So congrats! to Leigh van Onselen.
    BTW, I belong to the generation BEFORE the baby boomers. And from my late seventies perhaps I could be permitted to say that I’ve never seen a more ‘entitled’ and greedy bunch than the baby boomers.
    Leigh, their downfall is coming!!

  4. stuart richardson

    Anne Learmonth, I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments.Anyone who has observed an office environment over generations would know that the amount of work being done between breaks now on any given week would have been polished off before lunch on Monday 20 Years Ago (in my opinion).

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