May 1, 2014

We found the missing plane! Oh wait, no, hang on …

The search for missing flight MH370 continues, with yet another party coming forward to claim to be on the verge of finding it. Crikey intern Clovelle Car looks at those who might have cried wolf ...

Crikey Intern — The next generation of <em>Crikey</em> journalists.

Crikey Intern

The next generation of Crikey journalists.

An Australian company claims to have found wreckage consistent with missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean, south of Perth. Are we on the verge of a breakthrough?


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3 thoughts on “We found the missing plane! Oh wait, no, hang on …

  1. klewso

    “Houston, we have a problem. There’s a Rabbott in the cock-pit.”

  2. MJPC

    Citizen Abbott will say anything to keep the nasties off the front page, and all of the media outlets pander to him like so many sheep.
    Why didn’t one journo question his sources?
    Is” increasingly confidant” Abbottspeak for “haven’t got a clue”?

  3. Liamj

    Maybe its an elaborate mindfuck: Toned Abs is not a liar (eg. no new taxes), just over-optimistic, or poorly informed. Or maybe he is unconsciously letting us know how to judge the reliability his graded utterances: they’re -all- meaningless.

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