May 1, 2014

Razer’s Class Warfare: Crikey, the ALP is out of ideas

By focusing so much on the medium, the ALP has proved itself to be completely devoid of message. A "Crikey"-style newsletter won't make much difference.

Helen Razer — Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and Broadcaster

The Australian Labor Party is currently as empty of identity as a video rental store is of custom or a Missy Higgins song of gendered pronouns. Perhaps its famously expensive focus groups have managed to communicate what we Few Believers have known for some time: namely that the party communicates a message of “meh”. So someone has decided the antidote is to start a newsletter. In an email sent to members yesterday, national secretary George Wright requested donations to fund a publication “a bit like Labor’s own Crikey“.


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10 thoughts on “Razer’s Class Warfare: Crikey, the ALP is out of ideas

  1. Suzanne Blake

    Helen, Labor is in danger of disappearing as a political force and being overtaken by the Greens.

    Something else will rise from the ashes

  2. Will

    Is there meant to be an insight or witticism here deserving of the Crikey readership? That Labor lacks real brand integrity and values is about the most pedestrian and trite form of received political wisdom I can conceive, uncontested by anyone anywhere.

    When Rudd and Gilard were in power at least the argument served as a foil to the artifice of power’s legitimacy. As statement about a moribund powerless, flailing opposition it is completely redundant.

  3. Tyger Tyger

    We’ve known the ALP “brand” from the day Hawke rolled Hayden: LNP-lite. It’s unsellable and is a “reality” – not an “identity” – problem. Old news.

  4. AR

    Helen, say it slowly, in a mirror, “I am not Grundle!”/

  5. graybul

    Your right Suzanne . . the cremated ashes of the poor and powerless shall rise . . abandoned by a Party that turned it’s back! Oh for a single selfless principle, a lone vision . . a glint of light unto which all could rally. Bugger, it is cold and dark at the foot of this hill where not even the crest is backlit or illumed . .

  6. Philip Amos

    Excellent work as usual Raze,

    I, as one of those brutally marginalised Labor members, would like to see us win an election by simply shouting ‘We Are Not Like Those Other Guys But We Won’t Really Specify How” for three years.

    Dammit! It worked for Abbott why can’t we do it too!!!

    But more seriously, what Labor is, is self-evident and most clearly illustrated by the Abbott Government this week. For example:
    – We are for universal health care
    – We are for taxing grossly profitable mining companies that exploit our mineral wealth
    – We are for decent pensions for those in need.
    – We are for fair wages and working conditions
    – We are for NDIS

    It’s a lovely political gift from Abbott – The ALP can run on universal health care!

    In contrast, the LNP is running on a program of lower taxes for Gina Rhinehard and higher taxes for families.

    Now, if Shorten can just learn a few 3 word slogans we’re on our way back to the Lodge.

  7. Itsarort

    Missy Higgin’s song The River is chock-a-block full of ‘she’ pronouns…

  8. Adam Ford

    SORRY? Tanya Plibersek is to be damned for participating in a breast screening promotion programme??? That’s a seriously shitty way of making a point about asylum seekers.

    Helen, you are largely wonderful but prone to these spasms of outrageousness for good copy’s sake ahead of logic. Or I’d suggest morality, here.

  9. Tyger Tyger

    Philip Amos @6. The ALP may well be “for” all of those things, but it walks both sides of the street. It’s also “for” the unlimited growth model; middle class welfare at the expense of those in most need; the demonisation of asylum seekers; big business, especially 20th century industries like coal and gas extraction (including the building of reef-wrecking ports in Nth Qld) as the basis of our economy; privatised tertiary education; and the list goes on. Like I said: LNP-lite.

  10. Tina Zekants

    ‘Missy Higgin’s song The River is chock-a-block full of ‘she’ pronouns…’That comment cracked me up!

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