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Apr 30, 2014

Crikey says: the base has spoken

Cambodia isn't safe for Australia-bound refugees -- or anyone. More budget spin: Myriam Robin goes inside the process. And Tony Abbott's words come back to haunt. Sydney's overblown crime problem -- the draconian laws weren't needed. It's women who love the monarchy, Essential Research finds. And we hang out with Australia's best female writers.

On the left, The Sunday Telegraph; three days later, on the right, The Daily Telegraph

It’s a mug’s game, budget speculation: strategic leaks to test the wind, hurried re-writes when the reaction is volatile.

A levy, it now seems, isn’t going to fly. The base has spoken. Just look at the News Corp editorials today …

The Australian:

“… it is deeply troubling, and puzzling, that the Abbott government appears poised to announce a temporary deficit levy in its first, emblematic budget.”

The Daily Telegraph:

“A long-term problem demands a long-term solution. Another levy would be a short-term solution. Even worse, it would be a short-term solution that actually adds to the greater problem.”

Herald Sun:

“Tony Abbott risks a profound voter backlash from middle Australia with his Budget debt tax. It will breach his “no surprises, no excuses” election commitment and threatens to be a millstone the Federal Government will carry to the next poll in 2016 or early 2017.”

The Courier-Mail:

“If this is an old-fashioned Canberra kite-flying exercise, Mr Abbott should shoot it down as quickly as it was launched. It’s not needed, Australia doesn’t want it and it will be a breach of faith voters will not forget.”

The Advertiser:

“Ripping money from people’s pockets risks denting business confidence and making it harder for those who work hard to get ahead.”

Even Miranda Devine accuses Prime Minister Tony Abbott of betrayal. Game over.

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2 thoughts on “Crikey says: the base has spoken

  1. klewso

    “Rupert’s Fun-bags”

  2. CML

    Actually, the ‘Tony Tax’, while certainly not the best option, would be better than nothing, as it would take some of the heat off those at the bottom who are least able to cope with less income from whatever cuts this lot dream up.
    But if the ‘glitterati’ are going to complain about this small impost, then what hope is there for repairing the structural deficit in the budget? Abbott and his motley crew are NOT going to do the hard yards and deal with the middle-class welfare rorts if this is the reaction they get from a half-baked scheme.
    Where is the leadership we sooooo badly need!!