Apr 28, 2014

Media briefs: Logies outrage … Home Journal … ode to Henry …

There's Logie outrage! Of course there is. Plus other media tidbits of the day ...

The Logies outrage (if anyone cared). Anybody who says Australia doesn’t have fine cultural traditions obviously hasn’t logged onto Twitter during a Logies ceremony. For one night a year, the glitterati and the Twitterati join together and engage in the greatest national pastime: Logie-bashing. There were plenty of digs to be had this year, from some more disgraceful-than-average red carpet disgraces to shocking and unexpected wins, audio problems in the pointless international guest artist’s performance, and a lip-synching controversy that gave everybody the chance to get in on another time-honoured tradition: Kylie-bashing.


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2 thoughts on “Media briefs: Logies outrage … Home Journal … ode to Henry …

  1. wayne robinson

    Is Henry Ergas still around? I’m surprised. He’s the reason why I cancelled my subscription to the Australian twice, finally forever. I found him worse than Crikey publishing Tamas in ‘Comments’.

  2. PDGFD1

    Logies… schmogies…
    Cheap folks in tacky (I can look trashier and more ‘fashunable’ than you) frocks and suits being congratulated for little more than their publicity department waging war on the idiot public. UUGH!

    Somehow (rhetorical comment… it’s $ via TV coverage of course) the TV crowd managed to tunnel their way into the AACTA’s (more is the pity). Surely that’s enough coverage for them??

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