Apr 28, 2014

Government channelling Labor in its mixed budget messages

The government's pre-budget messaging, with handouts for some and cuts for others, is chaotic and will undermine its economic case, Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer write.

It’s hard to recall a pre-budget process in which a government’s messages have been more confused than this one.


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10 thoughts on “Government channelling Labor in its mixed budget messages

  1. Electric Lardyland

    Just out of idle curiosity, how much did it cost to build the fake F-35?

  2. zut alors

    EL, does chutzpah have a price?

  3. Bill Hilliger

    To all the Australian Abbott voting sheeples out there: levy=tax.

  4. AR

    If only ole 9 Fingers were half as smart as Mr Micawber.
    Specifically the Joyous outcome.

  5. David Hand

    I think the levy would be a disaster, politically and economically. What we need is a new direction, not an instant return to surplus.

    So increasing the retirement age will reduce the future burden of pensions by keeping people in the workforce longer. It will also enable Abbott to keep his promise of not changing any conditions for those on the pension today.

    The F35 purchase is just noise here and not relevant. We would be utterly stupid to degrade our military capability even if they never fire a shot in anger.

    I think you are overstating the mixed messages. The message is clear. In future it will be harder to get on the taxpayers teat than it has been up to now. Payments to various interest groups will be harder to get. What some people like to call middle class welfare will begin to be curtailed.

  6. geomac62

    Are pensioners who volunteer time for various charities or act as free babysitters considered when using the term burden ? If you lift the age of being able to access the pension you change the conditions and Abbott never said those on the pension today . He said ABC , medicare and pensions will be left alone , words to that affect .

  7. @chrispydog

    The last government is looking better every day.

  8. wbddrss

    The first & last of the great, greater, greatest treasurers was Peter Costello who sold off 70% of our gold reserves at ridiculously low prices.

    All our Politicians are weak at balancing future estimates of revenue & expenditure. If our mining boom was all on paper, why can’t a rich country with all our gold production; just simply print monies & buy up all gold we produce by force; & then sit on it as insurance. We are a rich country & our Pollies are impotent.

    I feel I see Australia breaking apart one day as exporting states get jack of all this LARGESSE.

    Buy back our gold Mr Hockey please.

  9. David Hand

    Suggesting people who volunteer their services to the community or their family is utterly ridiculous.

  10. David Hand

    It’s 2am.
    What I meant to say is,
    Suggesting people who volunteer their services to the community or their family are a burdon is utterly ridiculous.

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