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Apr 28, 2014

Glenn Dyer’s TV ratings: awards out-rated by the frocks at the Logies

Nine thought it had a sure-fire ratings winner with the Logies, but viewers simply weren't interested.

Glenn Dyer — <em>Crikey</em> business and media commentator

Glenn Dyer

Crikey business and media commentator

Ah, the Logies, what a cunning , seductive old stager you were last night, again. Promising much, but delivering little for Nine. But still with the capacity to surprise. So last night, the first night of the new ratings period, we saw SBS's Housos winning a statue, which was a surprise; Scott Cam winning the gold one (it pays to have a high rating series on air when the voting is happening); and another surprise with Home and Away winning best drama (the fans' award) -- ABC's Redfern Now won the industry award. But that's the Logies for you. Judging by the numbers of stories and pics in this morning's papers, the Logies were of more interest to the print world, than to TV viewers. The ratings certainly weren't spectacular -- 1.360 million national / 973,000 metro/ 387,000 regional viewers for the red carpet and 1.301 million national/ 962,000 metro/ 339,000 regional viewers for the main awards section. Yes, the frocks were more popular than the actual award ceremony! And while the Logies had more viewers  in metro markets than Seven's Downton Abbey, the latter was more popular in the regionals and had more national viewers at 1.382 million. The Logies ratings performance was nowhere near enough for Nine to win the night -- Seven's My Kitchen Rules  (2.787 million national/ 1.912 million metro / 875,000 regional viewers)and then Sunday Night (2.055 million national / 1.246 million metro/ 677,000 regional viewers) absolutely flogged Nine's offerings, as well as Ten's Aussie adventure of Modern Family. Seven won easily, too easily as My Kitchen Rules finished and Sunday Night was well underway by the time the Logies Arrivals broadcast started airing at 8pm. Clever programming by Seven. The only saving grace for Ten was that it beat the ABC into third spot in metro markets for the first time on a Sunday night for quite some time, thanks to the Modern Family's Australian excursion (1.419 million national/ 1.048 million metro/ 371,000 regional viewers). But that didn't extend into the regions where Ten was again a very weak fourth behind the ABC In the mornings The Bolt Report lifted its audience from last week's low, but it was only a matter of 30,000 or so viewers. It again ran a distant last to the rest of the morning chats, once again proving that partisanship, especially in politics (and sport for that matter), doesn't rate with Australian TV viewers, no matter what Andrew Bolt and the management at Ten might think. Insiders with Fran Kelly in the chair instead of Barrie Cassidy had 461,000 national viewers. The 10am Bolt broadcast had 142,000; the 4pm repeat, 150,000. Network channel share:
  1. Seven (36.1%)
  2. Nine (30.1%)
  3. Ten (?%)
  4. ABC (14.9%)
  5. SBS (4.5%)
Network main channels:
  1. Seven (29.6%)
  2. Nine (22.8%)
  3. Ten (10.5%)
  4. ABC1 (10.4%)
  5. SBS ONE (3.2%)
Top digital channels: 
  1. GO, 7TWO (3.4%)
  2. Gem (3.4%)
  3. ABC2 (3.0%)
  4. ONE (2.7%)
  5. 7TWO (2.6%)
Top 10 national programs:
  1. My Kitchen Rules (Seven) -- 2.787 million
  2. Seven News -- 2.055 million
  3. Sunday Night (Seven) -- 2.042 million
  4. Nine News -- 1.763 million
  5. 60 Minutes (Nine) -- 1.684 million
  6. Modern Family (Ten) -- 1.419 million
  7. Downton Abbey (Seven) -- 1.382 million
  8. Logie Arrivals (Nine) -- 1.360 million
  9. Logie Awards (Nine)  -- 1.201 million
  10. ABC News -- 1.124 million
Top metro programs:
  1. My Kitchen Rules (Seven) -- 1.912 million
  2. Seven News -- 1.378 million
  3. Sunday Night (Seven) -- 1.246 million
  4. Nine News -- 1.199 million
  5. 60 Minutes (Nine) -- 1.155 million
  6. Modern Family Australia (Ten) -- 1.049 million
Losers:  No one really, even the Logies were interesting (but not to all viewers) ...Metro news and current affairs:
  1. Seven News -- 1.378 million
  2. Sunday Night (Seven) -- 1.246 million
  3. Nine News -- 1.199 million
  4. 60 Minutes (Nine) -- 1.155 million
  5. ABC News  -- 765,000
  6. Ten Eyewitness News -- 449,000
  7. SBS World News -- 158,000
Metro morning TV:
  1. Weekend Sunrise (Seven) -- 325,000
  2. Insiders (ABC1, 197,000, 90,000 on News 24) -- 287,000
  3. Weekend Today (Nine) -- 263,000
  4. Landline (ABC1) -- 256,000
  5. Financial Review Sunday (Nine) -- 146,000
  6. Offsiders (ABC1) -- 140,000
  7. The Bolt Report repeat (Ten) -- 106,000
  8. The Bolt Report  (Ten) -- 94,000
Top five pay TV channels:
  1. Fox Footy (5.3%)
  2. Fox  Sports 2  (3.8%)
  3. TVHITS! (2.4%)
  4. Fox Sports 1  (2.2%)
  5. Fox Sports 3  (2.1%)
Top five pay TV programs:
  1. AFL: Port Adelaide v Geelong (Fox Footy) -- 251,000
  2. NRL: Manly v Canberra (Fox Sports 1) -- 186,000
  3. EPL: Liverpool v Chelsea  (Fox Sports 2) -- 181,000
  4. AFL: Footscray v Adelaide  (Fox Footy) -- 168,000
  5. AFL: Richmond v Hawthorn (Fox Sports 3) -- 118,000
*Data © OzTAM Pty Limited 2013. The data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of OzTAM. (All shares on the basis of combined overnight 6pm to midnight all people.) and network reports.

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