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ASADA in email bungle. It seems the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority can’t get anything right. We heard this tip in relation to an incident last week:

“A senior ASADA official emailed Victorian ASADA managers with a confidential database of performance reviews of all chaperones. Unfortunately, they accidentally copied in a contact at Netball Australia. Netball Australia now has a warts-and-all review of all the officials that test its athletes.”

Our mole said this appeared to be “a basic breach of confidential information”, hinting the information may advantage Netball Australia. We put the tip to ASADA who responded:

“ASADA is aware that an email was sent in error to a state-based sporting organisation last week. The content does not include information that could be used to advantage the sport. Appropriate steps were immediately taken with the sporting organisation to delete the unopened email and ASADA is in the process of notifying the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner to ensure we have conducted all appropriate steps.”

ASADA is supposed to be rooting out the villains in the “drugs in sport” fiasco, but investigations have been controversial and have not yielded the prosecutions some expected.

Dancers should be so lucky. The singing budgie Kylie Minogue is reckoned to be worth $75 million, so she’s hardly got tears of financial hardship on her pillow. Why then are there complaints she’s underpaying dancers working with her today on a film clip down at Melbourne’s Docklands? It should be a time of celebration on a night like this, but no. This tweet emerged from Australian choreographers Yvette Lee & Paul Malek last night:

And according to their Facebook page, there isn’t much money in dancing …

Ms Tips just can’t get this issue out of her head. Please Kylie, confide in Crikey and tell us what you’re paying your dancers. And if you’re involved in the shoot, send us an anonymous tip about pay.

Rupert experiences virtual reality. Yes, this is Rupert Murdoch. And yes, he’s trying out Facebook’s Oculus Rift virtual reality headpiece.

The pic comes via Rupert’s official Tumblr, a Crikey fave. In recent days he’s gone back to school, rocked a moss green shirt, and enjoyed the Game of Thrones “Ascend the Wall” experience. See it all here.

Do laywers make good actors? With Victorians shocked from several recent incidents in which women and children have died, allegedly as a result of family violence, female lawyers have come up with a novel way to raise funds for the prevention of violence against women. They’re putting on The Vagina Monologues in Melbourne next week. You’ll catch senior Monash law lecturer Renata Alexander, state MP Jennifer Kanis, former Equal Opportunity Commissioner Moira Rayner,  barrister Hilary Bonney, etc. Event deets are here.

Labor’s pollsters peddling viagra. Oh dear. UMR, a private polling firm that does work for the ALP, is showing up as this on Google … do we detect the subtle hand of a Coalition sneak?

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