Apr 17, 2014

Liberals, in denial over O’Farrell’s error, should learn from this

As NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell heads for the exit, shooting the messenger won't help the Liberals. Incestuous links with business will continue to inflict damage on the party, especially in a party branch as inept as NSW.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Based on the reaction to Barry O’Farrell’s resignation by unnamed federal Liberals and their media supporters, denial runs deep in the Liberal Party —  about the role of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, about the entrenched problems of the New South Wales branch of the party, of how the incestuous links between business, unions and both sides of politics are a cancer on democracy.


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17 thoughts on “Liberals, in denial over O’Farrell’s error, should learn from this

  1. DiddyWrote

    It’s just a river in Egypt to the Libs.

  2. Ray Sanderson

    Scott Briggs, ‘bailed out of the position at the last minute earlier this month.’ It’s ‘baled out’ – as in departing an aircraft in flight (origin – WW2 air force jargon).

  3. Peter Evans

    What folks often don’t get about the contemporary Liberal Party now is that all they are is legislative muscle for a bunch of business interests (sometimes shonky). That’s what they exist to be, and do. They’ve been that way since at least the 1980s and arguable the 1960s.

  4. Peter Evans

    Also, Greiner was not destroyed by ICAC. Now, ICAC certainly inflicted political damage on him, but what stuffed Greiner was the hubristic and domineering way he attempted to keep the independents in line that he relied on in the NSW lower house. They had a gutful of him, and the Libs had no choice but to get rid of him for a far better conciliator (Fahey). Greiner’s done nothing since to demonstrate remediation that side of his character, shall we say.

  5. archibald

    @Ray Sanderson
    It’s bailed. Look it up.

  6. Dan Hilvert

    True that the Oz is usually a media apologist for Coalition and not credible as a news agency. So i wasn’t surprised to read your article’s entertaining summary of its editorial. But when i clicked on the link to the Editorial i found the Editorial to be well reasoned, balanced and quite a well balanced synopsis of events (a good read actually).

    Whilst it’s good to call the OZ to account over their blatant political bias and rabid rants, I think you may have picked the wrong article. You might want to re-read and perhaps revise conclusion.

  7. prodigy

    Thanks Bernard. The first time I have made the NAB/ Brogden link – now the nonsense makes sense! More evidence of the taxpayers. voters being shafted.

  8. sparky

    Is there a diagram available that has all the relationships? This is doing my head in!

  9. MJPC

    Heard Gerard Henderson on ABC this AM (was evidently on lateline last evening) calling ICAC all manner of unfair names and curses.
    Of course, when they were needling the ALP in NSW he was one of their major, one halfwit, cheer squads. What is that saying about revenge is a dish….?
    Then there is the PM commenting about Baird, new to premier, a man of integrity…hold on isn’t this the same Baird who was responsible for putting tricky Nicky G in some management position with Sydney Water?
    Roll on Harcher ICAC hearings, they could be deeper in denial.

  10. Itsarort

    @Dan Hilvert
    Sorry Dan, Keane’s deconstruction is correct. I think you need to read the editorial again…

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