Apr 16, 2014

Media briefs: Pulitzer response … Fox shake-up … Boston remembers …

Paging Ten: top executive David Lyle is available ... A Pulitzer win, and a dodgy response ... Front page of the day ...

A Pulitzer, and a dodgy response. Word that two of Rupert Murdoch’s competitors — The Guardian and The Washington Post — had got a Pulitzer for the Edward Snowden stories (more accurately, for Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras dropping the stories in their laps, with a supporting role by WikiLeaks), sent News Corporation scurrying for a reply. Happy to oblige was Liam Fox, a British Tory MP, who argued in The Australian the National Security Agency’s total surveillance process had prevented terror attacks (it hadn’t), that terrorist groups had changed their tactics as a result (there’s been no increase in terrorist incidents in the last 12 months), and that Snowden et al had been “indiscriminate” (they have released fewer than 100 pages of the thousands that Snowden took from the NSA). Curiously, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks go unslagged in this tirade, possibly because News published him several times, in the hope that some of the “cablegate” cache would come its way, in 2010.

But what’s really funny about this piece is that Fox is something more than a Tory MP — he’s a former defence secretary. Former, because he had to resign in 2011, after his bizarre relationship with a self-styled “lobbyist” Adam Werritty was exposed. Werritty, a long-time friend of Fox’s, used his connections with Fox to not only get defence industry clients — using a business card falsely listing him as a government adviser — but to walk in and out of Defence Ministry offices as he pleased, and to sit in on meetings Fox had with foreign officials. These included negotiations with the president of Sri Lanka during the final, bloody push against the Tamils. He also attended meetings without Fox but purporting to represent him with, among others, members of Mossad.

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3 thoughts on “Media briefs: Pulitzer response … Fox shake-up … Boston remembers …

  1. klewso

    Did Limited News remind us about that bit of Fox’s history?

  2. PDGFD1

    klewso…. thinking…. thinking… um….err

  3. klewso

    I remember our Curry or Maul quoting John Yu re Guantanamo – “forgetting” to mention his role in helping Bush and Cheney draw up the rules to justify of that travesty.

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