Caro’s Flotsam and Jetsam: screw you all edition

Let's tackle the real bludgers in our society -- pensioners, young people trying to get an education and asylum seekers. Screw 'em!

Jane Caro

Novelist, author and social commentator

Screw the old … You know who is sucking our economy dry? The elderly, that’s who. Lazy bludgers the lot of them, spending their days sitting around playing bingo or bridge (depending on their social class) and laughing behind their arthritic hands at the young slogging their guts out to keep them in the (slightly musty) style to which they have become accustomed. Brave Treasurer Joe Hockey is going to put a stop to their sense of entitlement as he takes up cudgels against the old and the frail.


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6 thoughts on “Caro’s Flotsam and Jetsam: screw you all edition

  1. Migraine

    I enjoy hearing well-paid politicians with generous, publicly-funded superannuation provisions (still, after all the reforms) and, in most cases, substantial asset portfolios talking about the need for people to work harder and longer and not be such a drain on the taxpayer almost as much as I enjoy listening to affluent middle-aged white guys talking about discrimination.

  2. klewso

    The main difference between this government and the Howard one they were part of (with such economic legacies as tax cuts and the cost of Iraq, impacting on the deficit) seems to be they’re still mean, but not as sneaky?

  3. bushby jane

    Nah, they’re still sneaky. All Abbott’s efforts re ridding us of those dreadful asylum seekers is sort of contradictory when you read that the ‘Free’ Trade Agreement with China (and others) will probably eventually extend to the free movement of people between us and them. Seems to me that this woould include, well, asylum seekers? China is already demanding that Chinese funded anything in Australia must employ Chinese workers as part of what Abbott is ‘negotiating’.

  4. Tom Jones

    Ageism and sexism. It seems that by targeting pensioners grandmothers are the target. Many of the women in the gun will be the good girls who always put others needs first. No husband, no super and now no mercy shown. Women doing the ironing will know that the men with plenty will still be drinking Grange.

  5. klewso

    Of course they’re still sneaky – bad ‘abbotts are hard to shake – they’re just not as sneaky as Howard (Iraq/Children Overboard), Reith (Children Overboard/Patricks)), Downer (AWB/NPA/East Timor), Ruddock (anything he touched), Abbott (“cast iron guarantee on Medibank safety net”/Bernie Banton), Andrews (Hanif) et al.

  6. TheFamousEccles

    I know how we can add several millions to the national bottom line – pull every religious organisations’ snout out of the public trough. No exceptions. Easy…

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