Apr 15, 2014

The Dirty Dozen: Australia’s biggest climate foes, part 1

Who are the 12 people doing the most to block action on climate change in Australia? With a new government in place, and Australia's emissions stubbornly high, we name and shame a fresh Dirty Dozen ...

Who has been most responsible in recent times for preventing progress in the reduction of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions? The Dirty Dozen — which I originally named in 2006 and updated in 2009 — are the people who have most effectively denied the science of climate change, lied about its implications, lobbied to water down laws, or provided cover for weak policy.

They are doing most to help turn Australia from a reluctant leader into a proud laggard in responding to the most dire threat to the world’s future. Some are well-known — even if their links and tactics are not — while others do their dirty work behind the scenes. Here is my Dirty Dozen for 2014, in no particular order …

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31 thoughts on “The Dirty Dozen: Australia’s biggest climate foes, part 1

  1. MJPC

    McNamara was also a surprise inclusion to me; “a wolf in sheeps clothing”? I occasionally listen to him but never realised his anti environment stance (obviously I didnt listen long enough- life’s too short). I wonder what his influence is now, particularly as the anti-CSG/Mining forces are in the bush and not only ‘greenies’, but more often local townspeople / farmers.
    Landline on Sunday highlighted this on their report on the future coal mining on the Liverpool Plains in NSW. All the anti-mining locals interviewed were farmers and decidedly sounded like the ‘greenies’ of years gone by.

  2. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Pete, assuming that a well-oiled media campaign can herd sheep, Mitchell believes he can cause a stampede which would trample the Greens at the/a ballot box. But some of the ‘sheep’ are actually cats, some of the cats vote for PUPs and anyway readers of the Australian are themselves often too well-oiled to remember their lines.

  3. klewso

    You could have circled the waggin’s and put Toady in the middle?
    Dave Moai will be in tomorrow’s round up?

  4. Bort

    So much for the ABC being a leftie haven.

  5. rhwombat

    ‘Pete’ from Sydney: hate to be picky (cough) but note the punctuation around “destroy” . Oh well, I suppose it’s close enough for Rupertspawn.

  6. klewso

    Ian “The Frog Whisperer” McNamara :-
    “I’ve got Freddo on the line here…… How’s your beaker?” …. “Don’t be silly, it’s only your imagination getting hotter.”?

  7. AR

    Thanks for that list – it’s gone straight into my Word.doc and will be printed to hang on the wall.

  8. CML

    Never liked ‘Macca”. Now I know why!
    All his self promotion and folksy BS just didn’t sound genuine to me. Plus the very subtle extreme right wing views he weaves throughout his program. Haven’t listened to him for donkey’s years!
    Manipulation of the bush folk every time, which seems to be working. Maybe the ABC should revisit his ‘licence’ to pollute the airwaves with denialist cr+p!!

  9. Interrobanging On


    Before moving, I was in the Manning Valley, NSW (Rob Oakeshottville).

    A flyer came around to the property from the crusty farmer lobby about CSG. Had a statement on it in a box to reassure us all: this isn’t a greenie issue.

    Hilarious because of course it is a greenie issue, but they can’t or won’t see it.

  10. K.D. Afford

    So pleased amongst the horrible list Macca got a mention, most of the time I do not think he is aware of what he is saying, mostly avoiding listening.
    Plimer is a miner, of course, and the rest are dangerous, but will have a short shelf life, Macca will probably be the saving of the ABC if he continues to mouth off things that are anti AGW.
    We have him on out of habit, but I never hear what he says! If he can save the ABC, Go Macca! LOL!

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