Apr 15, 2014

The declining power of the ethnic lobby — with one big exception

In the storm around proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, it's clear ethnic lobby groups are not as powerful as they once were. Except one, writes Crikey intern Ania Dutka.

Bob Carr complains the influence of parts of the Jewish lobby on federal politics is unhealthy. It certainly seems few other ethnic lobbies have as strong a voice in the halls of Canberra.


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6 thoughts on “The declining power of the ethnic lobby — with one big exception

  1. Norm Lipson

    My goodness, what a way to start a story that should have had nothing to do wioth Bob Carr’s jaundiced and politically motivated view of the so called “Jewish lobby”.
    This naive intern author has used innuendo, out-of-context comments and then an unattributed statement( Some representatives of the Jewish community have threatened to cut donations to the Coalition if the amendments go ahead)to create the sterotypical omnipotent Jewish conspiracy. Did not Bob Carr oppose Isarel in the UN to garner the Arabic vote here? I would say that’s a pretty strong lobby group. Ania Dutka needs a lesson in good journalism and to lose the anti-semitism.

  2. Mayan

    “… stifled by their dependence on government funding for service provision”

    It’s an old adage, but quite true, that he person who pays the piper calls the tune. If want your own voice, you have to pay for it.

  3. AR

    That’s surely never “Stormy Normy” @#1?

  4. Kevin Herbert

    Poor old Norman Lipson…yesterday’s polemicist.

  5. Madison

    Norm is typical of what is wrong with the new right wing Israel, everything is framed from the victim point of view and to oppose it you are branded anti-Semite. I wish the many Israelis who despise their extreme right wing Government (and there are many) had a voice in any debate. This article just proves Bob Carr is correct.

  6. rhonaj

    Carr talked about the Israel Lobby and Norm you need to read The Israel Lobby and US, Foreign Policy by John J Mearsheimer and Stephen M Walt if you want to know what Carr is talking about. Daniel Levy stated in Haaretz “An important book that deserves to be keenly debated”

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