Apr 15, 2014

Media briefs: Q&A balance … ACMA keen on High Court … RIP Harradine …

The 10 ways BuzzFeed is infiltrating other media. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

All female panel panel on Q&A. In November last year, economist Andrew Whitby ran a statistical analysis of Q&A episodes from February 2009 to November 2013. He was interested in the gender makeup of Q&A panels, and found the average was for 2.8 men and two women to appear (the host, Tony Jones, is not included, and there are usually five panellists). That said, the men received 50% more opportunities to talk, accentuating their slight advantage. Female panellists uttered only 1200 words per appearance; the men spoke for 1800.


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8 thoughts on “Media briefs: Q&A balance … ACMA keen on High Court … RIP Harradine …

  1. dirtysnowball

    With regard to the Daily Telegraph front page, they’ve got Joe Hockey sitting in the captain’s seat. Right hand seat is for the co-pilot.

  2. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Never mind that they’ve got their crew in the wrong seats (although maybe Hockey really does call the shots?), what’s that idiot doing on the runway? And the tree? Oh I know, they’re actually driving a Sydney suburban train out to Badgerys Creek. They don’t need tracks or an actual airport because it’s all just an aspiration.

  3. Steve777

    I wonder how many words Christopher Pyne uttered on his appearances on Q&A. I expect that it would have been a lot more than 1800.

  4. klewso

    After all that KY before the election, it’s time to bend over Western Sydney, and block your ears, Toady’s got a Jumbo for you.

  5. klewso

    As for Q&A ever timed Rumpole Turnbull’s waffle-on?

  6. AR

    WSJ missed another award..? when did Mudorc take it over…? jes wond’rin. Shurly, just a hic! coincidence?

  7. Liamj

    Re The Telegraph advert: Toady & Joe in their usual command position, facing backwards.

  8. klewso

    Would you fly in a plane if you knew Abbott was in charge?

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