Tips and rumours

Apr 14, 2014

Tips and rumours

It's getting awkward between Ten and News Corp ... Young Labor's conference split ... George Mega v News over 'ethnic' claim ...


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6 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. klewso

    Ten under Fuxtel – “Game of Drones”?

  2. zut alors

    Crikey, it’s bad enough that he owns 70% of the nation’s newspaper print media so why do you continually run stories or items about Murdoch?

    We read Crikey, in part, to avoid his thoughts & policies. Please, let it rest, spare us.

  3. CML

    Re: Young Labor… My observations are that the so-called right and left in the Labor Party are growing further apart. Not exactly a good case for mediation by anyone.
    My prediction is that unless the ‘right’ grows a brain and returns to the foundation principles of the Labor party in the near future, a split of l955 proportions is looming. IMHO, that means the current ‘left’ will team up with much of the Greens philosophy, and many on the ‘right’ should join the Liberal Party, where they belong.
    We simply cannot have fasc+sts like WA Joe representing the Labor Party in the parliament. Nor can we have the likes of Marn Ferson and company, dropping a bucket of sh++ on the Labor Party every time they open their mouths.
    I, for one, do NOT believe these people are representative of the Labor Party membership/supporters.

  4. Don

    our increasing impression is that Crikey is moving towards the centre, and not just that, but becoming ‘me too’ MSM.

  5. Don

    @string the bastard up. it is interesting to see (again), Crikey taking a vested point of view about an issue, instead of reporting the facts or even the story, as in “Well done” and previous editorial omments.

    regarding vaccination, the fact-free rabid “wing-nuts” are those who blindly and so madly and rabidly follow the drug industry and their cohorts in the medical industry to demonize anyone who actually objects to all or most vaccination for any number of valid reasons.

    with Crikey cheering from the sidelines. such an independent investigative publication.

    seeing that the drug companies spend billions upon billions upon billions on ‘marketing’ each year (2001. US drug companies alone 15.7 BILLION. that pays for a lot lobbying, a lot of disinformation, a lot of ‘paid for’ commentary.)

    and the paucity and stupidity of their argument is that they cannot answer a simple logical question.

    “If vaccines work, as we the tax-payers are paying billions for, why are unvaccinated people any danger to those vaccinated?”


    “Why do people who have had the flu vaccine get the flu more than those who haven’t it?” Ditto whooping cough (and more dangerous variant).


    “Why when we were kids, measles, mumps, chicken pox, no problem or danger, in fact just the opposite?”

    The answer, folks, is MONEY. Lots and lots and lots of OUR money given to drug companies.

    And, as a statistician myself, the long term historical data shows that for all the more dangerous diseases – polio, et al – that the incidence of the disease was falling rapidly before the vaccine was ever user. And other such inconvenient stats.

  6. ange

    Oh Crikey, i rely on your news for sanity in an insane world, and have subscribed for many years now. But i am very tired of your Anti anything to do with rational debate about vaccination. I too am a Chinese Medicine Doctor, i studies for 8 years at RMIT both a bachelor of Science in Human Biology and a Bachelor of Chinese Medicine. It involed detailed studies in immunology in which i studied hard and with an open mind. In face Traditional Chinese Medicine were one of the very early vaccinators as they would blow a pinch of ground small pox ‘scab’ over a baby to innoculate against the disease. However there are major issues with the industry and the abuse of anyone who says ‘enough’ to the expodential increase in the number of vaccines given. The immune system has developed over billions of years, and in just the last 20 years, we have gone from 6 vaccines that were routinely given to more than 30, administered in just the first five years of life. Too much, too early and too close together is my professional opinion. We have also seen a rising in numbers of anaphalactic children to common foods that cannot be explained, and 1 in 100 Australian children deing diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder. 1 in 100. These conditions have an immunological associations that are still being investigated, with the latest research in Physchobiotics being just one area in what is a complex combination of too many vaccines, abuse of anti biotics and too much sugar and processed foods. No, not a simple one cause, but many interrelated factors that are impossible to be teased out one by one unless healthy debate is allowed. Why do you continually abuse the questioning of vaccines? And just o be extra clear, i am not anti at all, just not so many, not so young and not for diseases that are easily treatable. Crikey needs to continue to allow rational debate, not ridicule it. I expect better of you.

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