More science, less PR in climate change message

Crikey readers talk unemployment and why PR flacks should not be the ones selling climate change.


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2 thoughts on “More science, less PR in climate change message

  1. Malcolm Harrison

    john boyd simply does not understand this problem, but he has a firm conviction that he does. he thereby demonstrates the great difficulty we have in communicating the necessary message in an environment that has been polluted by spin and exaggeration on both sides of the question.
    his distaste in using the advice of professional communicators such as ad agencies is misplaced. the science, being incomplete, can only go so far. The data needs interpreting and evaluating. this is not a job for scientists per se, though of course they are entitled to participate.

  2. Gavin Moodie

    Good point Robert. Perhaps it’s be a bit wonky, but I’d be grateful for a discussion of definitions of unemployment, how they have changed, and Australia’s compared to standard international definitions.

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