Apr 14, 2014

Media briefs: ABC apologies to Kenny … Carr brief … Oz on climate …

We're loving Bob Carr's memoir -- but perhaps he was a touch longwinded? Plus other media tidbits.

Mark Scott apologises to Chris Kenny. Right after former ABC chairman Maurice Newman told The Australian the ABC should apologise to conservative commentator Chris Kenny for a Chaser skit depicting him fornicating with a dog, ABC chief Mark Scott has come out and done just that. In a statement released at noon today, Scott said he wanted to wait for all relevant review processes to be completed before he apologised — he now believes “that was a mistake”. “I regret the delay in making this apology,” he said.


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7 thoughts on “Media briefs: ABC apologies to Kenny … Carr brief … Oz on climate …

  1. paddy

    I *really* hope that Mark Scott’s latest BFF really is an Antechinus. It’s so much nicer to see our ABC making friends with marsupials, rather that bananas or pigs.

  2. DiddyWrote

    Before any apologies are given, wouldn’t it be prudent to get Kenny to deny once and for all, that he has never had sexual intercourse or indeed received any form of sexual gratification with a dog or indeed any member of the canine species. Until that matter is clear it’s impossible to proceed.

  3. Bill Hilliger

    @DiddyWrote …good one! You may have a point …after-all some of these types working for the Australian are a bit off-beam.

  4. Electric Lardyland

    And where can one find these over sized guinea pigs?

  5. Myriam Robin

    Electric Lardyland: It’s a hamster I’m pretty sure (given show was ‘The Hamster Decides’)

  6. klewso

    So The Hamster has preempted Beetle’s “Blot’s Law – Open-Slather Slagging” legislation (where moderation and arbitration of “public mores” will be the government’s pleasure)?
    [Welcome to “Modern Australia” – Murdoch’s Teletrash and co; did much the same thing – from “Slipper the Rat” (when he deserted the Limited News Party – before that as a member of the party, those very antics, committed then, were all Right? It was only jumping ship that made him so “vile”?) to “Bogan’s Heroes”, depending on one’s offence threshold?]

  7. Malcolm Street

    That cupcake piece has received some classic comments below it. Favourite so far:

    (quoting the article)

    “The constellation of cultural tropes that most paradigmatically manifest in the form of the cupcake are associated in particular with infantilisation.”

    allow me to retort in less pretentious, starbucks sipping, fax-intelectual, buzzword laden style…

    absolute fucking bollocks.

    thanks for your time.

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