Apr 14, 2014

Daily Tele state political reporter resigns amid plagiarism probe

Senior Daily Telegraph journalist Phil Jacob has been exposed lifting copy from other sources for his pieces. News Corporation says he no longer works at the paper.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

A Crikey investigation has uncovered a series of highly questionable articles published in The Daily Telegraph that appear to borrow -- liberally and in some cases word-for-word -- from reports in other publications. The reports were all penned by Daily Telegraph state political reporter Phil Jacob, who was slapped down on the ABC's Media Watch program two weeks ago for lifting quotes from a report in The Age to illustrate a story about rail commuters. But it appears this wasn't the only time Jacob has lifted copy from stories other than his own. Though most of Jacob's stories appear to be entirely original, Crikey did find a number of examples of lifted copy and quotes, often from international sources and occasionally from the Fairfax press. Crikey contacted Daily Telegraph editor Paul Whittaker as well as News Corporation corporate affairs to ask for an explanation this morning. We were told by a News Corp spinner that Jacob resigned two weeks ago, shortly after the Media Watch story (the spokesman declined to comment on the reason for Jacob's resignation). In one piece on Facebook's IPO, Jacob appears to have borrowed liberally from a Daily Mail story published two days earlier. Six paragraphs appear almost word-for-word in the Mail piece. Here is the Tele's piece:

And here is the Daily Mail's:

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7 thoughts on “Daily Tele state political reporter resigns amid plagiarism probe

  1. Peter Cook

    The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) in Melbourne has long had a reputation for punching well above its weight.

    Congratulations to its former president, Daniel Bowen, for claiming a media scalp. It looks like his trophy cabinet may need a bit of remodelling, being already somewhat cluttered with political scalps. 🙂

  2. klewso

    How many of them plagiarise Murdoch – for their jobs and prospects?

  3. Bill Hilliger

    Plagiarism and the Tele …what else can one expect from such a low rent publication. As long as the sheeple don’t mind, it will no doubt continue. Afterall it is a cheap way of filling that rag.

  4. Northy

    This: ‘As long as the sheeple don’t mind, it will no doubt continue. Afterall it is a cheap way of filling that rag.’ But anyway, it’s good to see Crikey keeping tabs on them. A top investigation, Myriam

  5. AR

    “Roopet’s Believe It or NOT!”? It was always a standard filler in the 50s yellow press, along with infinitely recycled “stories” from interstate & overseas, or off planet, of naughty vicars and drunken drivers.

  6. Interrobanging On

    How on earth did he think he would get away with it.

    This is bare faced and thick headed. He must be thick skinned too.

    Just the sort of thing that he needs to get himself a job as a Liberal press officer. Putting ethics aside and going for spin and lies over substance is assumed by his work as a ‘journalist’ with the Daily Terror.

    But still, a business editor straight out of Uni? Really? Even at the Terror?

  7. Gloria Klinetsky

    The “investigative journalism” by Myriam Robin unlike a lot of Phil Jacob articles is not plagiarism because Myriam makes clear her sources however it is a fairly pointless one as Media Watch had already done all the work, Myriam or other members of the Crikey team merely gave an extra knock on the door and retold an investigation which already took place.

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